: Road America Track Day 7/30

07-18-2002, 03:42 AM
Is there anyone else heading out for this track day w/ STT on July 30th? I know Spree50cc is going, but just wondering if anyone else is signed up. I'm signed up for the Tues. session, but don't have enough $$$ for the following Wed. session. Hope some of the CLSB members will be able to make it... If you ever wanted to find out your top speed, this is the place to do it!!!

07-18-2002, 03:50 AM
Yeah Jim (omniglh) and I are going on Tuesday. It should be fun. We got to get some practice in cuz we're racing there that weekend Formula USA weekend. Cant wait!!

07-19-2002, 04:39 AM
Originally posted by SFD18
man its going to expensive!!! Lets see 2 track days+$299 + motel 2 nights $70/night +gas+food+ new 12 x12 quik shade+ tires(will need them after the 2 days)=I DON"T WANT TO EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Just be thankful that you're not racing that weekend. I have 300 or so just in entrance fees...I'll probably go thru a couple sets of tires blah blah...Now I'm hoping that I don't crash..lol
C U up there!! It'll be loads of fun!

07-19-2002, 04:43 AM
Me and Motobeagle will be there. I'm doing both days and I think Motobeagle is too. Never ridden Road America. I'm getting a chubby just thinking about it.

07-24-2002, 03:12 PM
I will be there on the 30th. R. A. is a first class venue. If you've never been, you're in for a treat. See you Tuesday.