: CLSB WAIVER for June 23rd track day. ALL RIDERS must sign and TURN IN

03-03-2003, 09:35 AM

(copy,paste and print it out)

Here is a copy of the wavier that every rider must sign and turn in before the track day. Either sign it at the party, or mail it in prior to march 30th. IF someone doesn't get it signed and they wait till the day of the track day. you will have to wait some cause I got a lot of stuff to do which COULD result in you loosing some time due to my time table of things to do. So please get it done so we all can run on time and make every minute count for us all.

Also fill out the EMERGENCY CONTACT information. just In case you get hurt and get rushed off somewhere i/we have info to contact your person of listing to let them know where you are at and that you got hurt, etc. i would suggest doing it atleast it makes me feel better that NO MATTER what i would contact your family anyway to let them know what happen and how to find you. cause i care.

So please sign and return if your not coming.
AND PLEASE let me know your mailing it cause you cant come.

OR sign and hand it to me at the track day party here.:cheers

P.S. DO NOT ALTER in any way shape or form the wording of the waiver. EACH wavier that is handed in WILL be checked for wording (if you mail it in). so if someone changed something i will know. and you will be BANED from the track day. if you have any questions about it. ask me. but in a nut shell its your standard release your right to anything incase you get hurt or die.
you will also have to sign a gate wavier of the tracks.

anyone who races knows what this is all about.

03-03-2003, 09:36 AM
Legal exemption of responsibility
Waiver, to said individuals or
I, we, us, group, (herein referred to as GROUP) are all participating by own free will and choice. To partake in a SOCIAL group event consisting of motorcycle riding on a race course (Blackhawks Farms ILL,). This group is acting on June 23rd 2003.

This waiver exempts….. (Referred to below PERSONS and organizations) From any wrongdoing or any legal pursuant, for any damages that might or do occur to an individual or group by means of any bodily harm, any dismemberment, any permanent disability or death, also referenced to any personal items of possession, or vehicles used on this said date on EVENT. As well as weather and track conditions.

All (GROUP) riders, act on there own free will to partake in this event as an open EVENT. Which is not acting on profitable business measures, nor a charitable organization, but a SOCIAL acting of GROUP participants free by will and choice to partake IN A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY THAT CAN RESULT IN DEATH and pay for this EVENT in terms of cost per rider.

I here by understand this waiver and terms of agreement. I agree to WAIVE, dismiss, release my right and or any affiliate acting on my behalf, to legally or non-legally to pursue or find at fault FOR ANY LEGAL ACTIONS or restitution of compensation AGAINST THE SAID INDIVIDUALS and or ORGANIZATIONS or any affiliates associated there of. I agree As well to pay for any attorney fee’s or fines and or awards set against the individuals protected from this waiver in whole. Herein referenced and protected under this waiver applies to and all there representatives:

www.chicagolandsportbikes.com, Kenneth J. Sanford ,Tony Filippelli
Steven R. Novak, Mark W. Webb, Allen Skillicorn, Kimberly F. Berg-olsen, Jeffery Alan Jozwiak, James Gerald Lock, John Krasucki, Michael M.Girard, Bruce Alan Hersh.

I here by understand this waiver and agree with my signature

Print_____________________________ Sign________________________________

03-03-2003, 09:38 AM

Full name .
Screen name:

Home phone#

Incase of an emergency please contact:

03-03-2003, 10:34 AM
if someone already printed this..print it again..i had to make 2 word correction. fucken lawer and spell checker didnt catch 1 letter off:rolleyes


03-03-2003, 10:53 AM
Damn lawyers. That's 2 peices of paper that are wasted now.:D

03-25-2003, 01:24 PM
Well, after finding out this Sunday will be butt ass cold...to ride here, to bar-b-que to hang out side even and enjoy ourselves.

I am going to change the date to APRIL 13th which is a SUNDAY starting at 12 NOON time.

So for those that couldn't make it from such and such.
Well, heres your lucky break I guess.

AGAIN all fee's and waivers must be in by this date now.

HOPEFULLY the weather will be a lot better which i know it will be this freak wind chill coming down will be gone and its gonna be 70 degrees for the track meeting/party

AGAIN the date has been changed.:cheers
hope everyone can still make it;)