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Originally Posted by LsilverR1 View Post
apparently my dog didnt get that memo. we'll be laying on the couch and she'll be sleeping between my legs with her head rested on my thigh. if i do that...she will look up at me in discust...looking at me like how dare you break wind before me lol. its not even the smell...its the noise that upsets her. i mean she really gets upset sometimes...she will actually get up, jump down and turn her back to me and look over her shoulder like she is very upset with me. but its ok for her to clear out the room right? its so funny i make it a point of doing it when possible

oh...and starbucks will do that to me too
Weird, one of my dogs is the same exact way. I'll be laying down on my stomach on the couch and she likes to sleep on the back of my knees. I'll cut one, and instantly, she'll give me "the look" and leave. Yet it's ok when she gives the wife and I a dutch oven

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