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Welcome A.B.A.T.E


Dear CLSB community.

CLSB has created partnerships to bring some of the largest organizations and business in the Midwest and in the United States to our community.

These partnerships will aid in our community in getting up close and personal and learn more and interact more with such that will benefit us as a general rider, understanding our rights and how to protect them. The correct environment to branch off from aggressive street riding. The benefits of having Track day providers for us as an outlet and to become more of advanced rider and thinker. Going to up the scale to 1 day being a professional rider, and what it takes to get there. Having one of the best race team mechanics and well known leaders in the passion we all feel and strive for.

I present:

4 and 6 Racing
Safety First
Sportbike Track Time

Soon there will be other organizations joining us.

Letís give them a warm welcome!

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