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Originally Posted by Lonely Raven View Post
That's my worst fear with Brianne riding her own bike. Her parents are really against motorcycles, and they are unaware that we ride.

And before anyone gets on my case; Brianne is the one who talked *me* into riding...I did everything I could to dissuade her.
Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
Yeah, the motorcycles are my fault. I'll take full blame for that.

On a side note, my dad called my work the other day. One of the high school kids answered and was like, oh, you want to talk to Bri? Bri with the motorcycle? My dad started screaming at the poor kid yelling that his daughter DOES NOT ride a motorcycle. Kid was like, sorry, I was thinking of the wrong person gottagobye.

Yeah, not too eager to tell my folks about the bike...
Sad to say parents NEVER want their children on bikes if they didn't ride also. They have a nasty habit of expecting the worst. And Raven.... ALL motorcyclists know the risk of throwing their leg over a bike and starting it. Enjoy the ride WITH Bri and know that you both love it. I know I couldn't see my life without a bike in it, regardless of the risk. It is TOTALLY worth it in the end.

Originally Posted by RickC1957 View Post
+1 you never have the right of way on a motorcycle. My personal motorcycle mantra is "Look big, look deep" at intersections.

+1!! Ride like you are invisible... Because YOU ARE TO MOST MOTORISTS!!!

Ride smart... stupid hurts.

Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don't. Some can't...

Godspeed 788!!! We miss you!
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