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Our Fallen Friends. This is not a forum I ever wanted to create, but I feel it is something I need to do for all of us. It's one I honestly hope and pray never see's any new theads. Be safe and remember our friends.

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A few words from David's (crankbass) wife

She asked me to post this......

"I am not sure in what way it is appropriate to address all of you. I am David Ryan's wife. Many of you know David as Crankbass who recently passed away on a Flat 4 Tour in Wisconsin. I have read, reread and read again the forum for fallen friends on your website. Although at times it was painful, I think it is necessary to pass on some thanks.

Thanks to all of you for caring to the degree that you do. David was a very passionate person and did nothing half way. He truly loved the organized rides and had another one planned for this coming weekend. I don't think anyone is more surprised than David at the outcome of his last ride.

I have felt at times as if I have invaded your privacy, for this I apologize however, I would ask your understanding in some obsessive behavior to understand his last moments as I was not there to see anything. Your candor, your sadness and your descriptions of David has helped to a degree answer some questions for me. We did not get the needed closure, good byes or last moments as I would have hoped much later in life. I am glad to know that David left this world without fear, and without knowledge of what was to happen. He died instantly as I have been told and I feel better having read the words of those of you who shared his last day. He also was very fortunate to die doing one of the things that he loved the most. David was aware of the risks of what he was doing; it could be argued that his passion overcame his knowledge of the risks at times, but that is just how he was.

This was an accident. No one is to blame, except perhaps for a few instances of distraction on David's part, not anyone else. David was an excellent rider. If you were with him at the time of the accident, please know that you are not to blame. Please do not continue to fret over this. There is enough sadness as it is. David would never want any of his friends to worry for a second about something he did. It would in fact bother him greatly. There is no fault here, just the sad reality that things like this happen. To those of you injured on this ride, I truly hope that you are doing well and that you are able to heal quickly.

All of you please, continue to ride with prudence. I wish you all well.
With sincere gratitude on behalf of myself, our kids and David's family,

Theresa Juhl"

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Thank you for posting this.
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I hope everyone in your family is doing well.

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Spoken like a riders wife..... one who understands the nature of being who we
are and doing what we do.

That is why your visits here are not an intrusion.... you ...... you are family.


It's ALL between the ears.....
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I'm not sure if your strength or your compassion for those that you don't even know are more impressive. Time and time again I'm shown that those that are part of this community, on whatever level, are of a different breed.

God bless.


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Theresa Juhl, Hi i am Ken one of the owners on CLSB and i also did what i could with some of our staff to relay as much info at the time of the accident to everyone and also find information to contact you his family at the time this was going on.

as you know we all are greatly affected by his passing. not only from being a member of this site but a 2 wheel brother that connects us in many different ways. sharing and caring about our passion and experiencing it with others is sometimes the best gift of all.

i really dont know what else to say as i am really not that good with words and i simply can not express how my heart goes out to you and your family.

just know you are not alone! if you need anything that we can pull together and help just let us know.

its what we do, we help our brothers and sisters.

we are part of your family, you are a part of ours.


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Beautifully said, I have no doubt you understood your man. My deepest condolences.
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Originally Posted by Loki047 View Post
As long as their tits are bigger than their dicks, im in.

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I wasn't there for that ride, but there are tears running down my face while reading this. I am truly sorry for your loss, and like Ken mentioned above, you are family around here. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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Theresa if theres anything we can do, just let us know. I really appreciate your letter.

HDTony.... Damn glad to meet you!

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Well written, sent along with condolences to your family.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Thanks for posting the note. My condolences continue for you and your family.

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Thank you for sharing this.

Theresa, you are not invading our privacy at all. We welcome all.
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Thank you for sharing.

I was on the ride with a different group. When we heard what had happened, we all considered ending the ride. Then we all realized that David would WANT us to continue....for me anyway, the remainder of the weekend was a tribute to him and what he enjoyed doing. It also reminded me of how precious life is, and that no matter the circumstances, the goodbyes are never sufficient.

Be strong, consider all of us part of your extended family. If you ever need anything, and we can, we will help.

"When in doubt, use full throttle. It may not improve your situation, but it will end the suspense."
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Your letter was written from the heart of a rider's wife and I thank you for sharing this with us.

When I read your letter I tried very hard not to let myself cry...but I thought of you and your children and how you all must miss David terribly and was unable to hold it back. I have children myself and I can only imagine how hard it is for you to hold everything together and still be strong for them....but your a Mom...so you do it because you have to and I admire your strength Theresa.

My only hope is that my wife will think like you if something were to happen to me...I want her to look at it as you are and I will be showing her your letter.

My Grandfather once told me that we shouldn't grieve for those who have passed on because they are in a much better place....but instead we should be sad for ourselves because the opportunity to spend time with them is gone. David will always be with you and looking over you and your children...God Bless you Theresa..may he watch over you and give you peace.

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Thank you and our thoughts and prays are with you and your family. As was said before if there is anything you need let us know.

You wanna see my itinerary?
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very kind words from a women who's life turned upside in the blink of an eye ,stay strong and if you haven't let it all out yet you will in time .
God bless you and your family
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My heart goes out to you and your family. Thank you for sharing, and God bless.

Corey aka: phkz24
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Godspeed Ashwin.
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Thoughts and condolences with you and your family.....

As everyone else stressed, we are always here for you

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Theresa i want to say thank you for writing that, it how great of a person you are and how lucky david was.

i cant agree more with what mulitple people have already said in this post, you are part of this family, and if you need help dont hesitiate to ask us.

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