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I was there and it only passed out of committe, now it goes to the senate. It is not a law and we will stop it. Some very good arguements in springfield yesterday, I was there with 100 other members. We are currently 41 - 0 since 1983 with all the helmet law bull, one senator even made the statement "Insurance rates will never go down, they will always continue to go up" For those of you that were counting on them being lowered, it was recorded as such in committe chambers and documented. They also tried to say that this law would help balance the budget???? WTF are they thinking??? Also they can and will cut out cycle rider training and the money from our renewals would start being spent on useless crap. They further implied that motorcyclist were incapable of making decisions for themselves. <-----------ALL FACTUAL I WAS THERE.

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