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Originally Posted by spoil9 View Post
Cause if the rider falls but doesn't die they will either learn not to do that again or will give up on riding. And at the looks of how our society is becoming, they will most likely think it's too hard and just quit.
The really really sad truth is that it often costs less when a rider dies than when he survives ...

Medical bills are expensive... My leg cost upwards of 300k$
Most people don't carry that much in life insurance, and even if they did.. That comes out of a different bucket.

I am a very strong supporter of people wearing helmets.
I do not want there to be a law.. but I feel it is my personal responsibility to tell almost everyone I meet that doesn't wear one why they should (i would be dead more than likely more than once if not for a helmet) -- I have also given a few of my old ones away to friends and friends of friends for free on the promise that they would wear them...
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