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Originally Posted by AgentofDarkness View Post
The last time I ran was probably in high school (4 years ago) and even then I didn't really run. I just made it look like I was doing work. I was pretty lazy back then. I ran 2.25 miles today and that is probably the most I've ever ran at once. I haven't really had any ankle problems in the past and they really only hurt when I run (which is why I never really ran before). Last week I was having alot of pain in my hips, but that went away over the weekend and its fine right now. I will try technique beac mentioned next time. I run on the treadmill in the gym so I can't really run on grass. There is a track in the gym but I like the treadmill because it helps me keep a steady pace.

I think that when I run I land on the heel of my foot and then take off on the ball of my foot. So I should be landing on the balls of my feet and taking off on the balls of my feet as well?
wait- you graduated HS only 4 years ago? holy crap


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