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Originally posted by larryg
IMO, you need to have your fiance and mother communicate so they both understand that neither one is out to ruin the other one's day. It really sounds like your fiance doesn't understand that mom wants to help and your mom doesn't understand that your fiance is feeling overwhelmed with information.

You don't say how their relationship is otherwise, but I am really fortunate that my folks and my wife get along very well. In fact, my wife has a better relationship with my parents than her own. We even joke that if anything happened between us, I'd have to find new parents.

It really sounds to me like a little communication between the two would go a long way towards making everyone happy. You may have to step up and be the mediator. Maybe it's time to go visit or invite mom up so they can talk in person.
I have thought about this a number of times but I am worried about a blowup of some kind. Up until the wedding thing came into the picture their relationship has been great. No real problems.
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