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Originally Posted by SmartDrug View Post

You don't have hobbies?

Indeed, never seen that before, makes sense as it save part of the pump step, seems tricky though.

To be honest, I practice like this with my rifles and pistols at least a few nights a week. Call him a twat if you want but you should realize that he is quite quick and seems to be fairly proficient with the platforms he's using. While unlikely given his equipment, who's to say that he isn't on an entry team or similar?

Practice makes perfect.... kinda douche-y posting on youtube though. I'll do drills, but I don't broadcast that shit all over the interwebz. Guy does look pretty proficient, I'll give him that.

Anywho...I don't think he's manually returning the forearm. Looks like a pump/semi Benelli M3. He's just hitting the slide release button. Not a bad choice in Shotties.
We learned a similar technique in school for select shell situations. Loaded with buck and you want a slug RIGHT now, that's how we did it.

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