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'71 CL350 Project

I picked this bike up from Mao a few months ago. He bought it and rode it around for a while before it lost compression on one cylinder. He removed the engine and stopped there. After a few months of hounding him, he finally gave up on it and sold it to me.

I will be doing a full teardown and rebuild of the whole bike, starting with the engine. Work will begin on the chassis once the engine is complete.

The day I brought it home (actually stashed it at my work until I could make room in my garage). It still looks like this now, except sandwiched between some other bikes in my garage:

I began to disassemble the top end to see why it had no compression.

This is what I found:

I think I figured out the compression issue . Mao actually rode it home like this on the one good cylinder. It chewed up the piston but didn't even touch the cylinder walls:
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