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The cam and rockers were all pitted (common issue on these bikes) so I bought a couple complete heads on eBay, only to find that they had pitted cams and rockers as well. At least I have two "good" head cores now. I finally found a good used cam and rocker arms so I am proceeding with the top end now. I ordered a set of valves and a complete gasket kit from Sirius Consolidated.

Today I took the valves out of the two good heads to clean them up and send them to the machine shop. I will let the machinist pick whichever he thinks is the better of the pair.

Homemade valve spring compressor:

Also took apart the best looking cam housing that I had to be sure the cam bearing surfaces were good. While I had it apart I polished the tach drive housing, points housing, and valve clearance check plugs. Before and after:

Temporarily reassembled the cam housing to keep the good cam and rockers together in one place until I get the bottom end done and assemble the whole engine. These 350 twins used two different style cams and rockers. I am running the early style because that was the only good set of cam and rockers I could find:

The heads are going out the machine shop next week for a valve job. I hope to start tearing into the bottom end this weekend if I have time. I need to clear off a shelving unit in the garage for this project so everything can stay organized while it's apart.

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