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I got the rest of the engine apart last night. So far everything in the bottom end and transmission looks good. I still need to thoroughly inspect everything but so far so good...

Started with this:

Ended up with this:

I had to make a socket to get the oil filter housing off. It worked perfect:

I ran out of time last night so I still have to take the crank and all the transmission parts out of the case halves for a close inspection. I will probably do that tonight so I can bring all the parts to work tomorrow for a good cleaning and get some paint on the cases. As long as I don't find any problems, the bottom end should be back together next week.

The cylinders are going out to Micron Engine (ceptor on here) in the next few days for boring and honing. I did find some scoring on the cylinder walls so it is going to need to be bored and use oversized pistons.
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