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freaking newbies, man there slow, ha ha ha
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thanks for the tips.

I'm clutching it up from 0-10mph, just gotta get comfortable with the brake so i don't let off the gas, that seems to be my biggest problem. I'm still running about 25psi, I'm gonna lower it and see if that helps stop some of the wobble, but I think most of that is because I'm not smooth yet. A 160 tire isn't helping anything either I bet. I've got a 170 waiting after I'm done with this one.

I'm wondering if I should put the big sprocket on when I get it or just keep using these sprockets for now. To be honest I didn't think half of this stuff was possible with small sprockets on an F3, but it appears it's more rider skill then anything. Jacking up the idle to 3000rpm helps, too

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