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2014 - Every Wednesday in Summer (Schaumburg, IL)

Hump Night American Pride Cruise Nights in Schaumburg. Raising Funds to benefit Wounded IL Veterans by helping them build special homes for their specific disability. Over $.90 of every $1 raised goes to the veterans instead of many charities where only half that actually goes to the cause and the other half goes towards "operating expenses."

Random Car and Bike Clubs have been scheduled throughout the season, it's every Wednesday Night at 6pm to 10pm (Entertainment provided) at Frato's of Schaumburg.

Frato's was featured on Chicago's Best TV, WGN News & has Award-Winning Pizza. Something for everyone starting with Frato Puff Pizza Puffs at $1.50 to Burgers, Wings (Mild to Hot to Too Hot for You) and Full Gourmet Chef-created Pizzas (some featured on Chicago's Best), $2 American-only Craft Beers, etc...

Help out a good cause

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