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Originally Posted by brilama View Post
Here you go. I'll help you out. Did you see the new Honda CRF450L that was introducted today? Very nice.
Yes, and yes!!

$10k+ price tag...but still that thing looks awesome. That said, I could have a really, really nice dual sport AND trail bike for that price tag! Really great to see Honda reacting to the Euro makes taking over the off road scene.

Originally Posted by YZFRob View Post
Still have the YZF although its be out of commission since July 2013. Just haven't got around ot work on it. Have a SV650 I've been racing since 2012. Picked up a Zuma 50 2 yrs ago. Got hit by a car on the HD in 2014, hit and run. Apparently some asshat ina prius cant seen a big black tour bike with a rider in a grey/fluorescent yellow Aerostich suit with yellow helmet on a nice sunny day. Then didn't have the balls to stop.
I had a KTM 950SM that I just sold, partly because it just wasn't well suited for 1/2 of the riding I was doing and because the street is getting worse and worse. Hopefully you weren't too banged up from that. Are you running CCS?


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