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Proper drag techniques

Any tips or tricks to share? The only thing I'm not sure about is if it's better to get the clutch out faster and take a bit of a wheelie or a slower release then hammering it.
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1. The track is much more sticky than the street
2. Take off on the last yellow light
3. If your bike wheelies easily don't heat up the tire too much

Try to go around the burn out puddle and back into the water to keep the front tire dry. Do what you need to for a burnout but don't over do it. With a stretched gixxer I used to get it nice and toasty but with a stock wheel base R1 I would rather not even do a burnout. Get to the line and roll forward till both staging lights are lit. As soon as you see that 3rd light (the one right before the gree) nail the throttle. Your body is positioned one foot on the ground one under the shift lever, right elbow slightly up, butt scooted forward on the seat and head and chest leaned forward. Try not to look at the tac, but rather find the right balance between feathering the clutch and throttle to get the wheel spinning slightly. Your foot is already in position to switch gears after the launch. You should already have a torque and horsepower curve mapped for your bike. Don't go all the way to redline to shift, go until the RPM is where your bike makes it's peak ponies. When shifting don't use the clutch. Ever so slightly back off the throttle and jam it in gear. That should do it for ya. After the launch it's easy, just watch those shift points down the track.

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after you heater up the rear tire do a quick little practice start. this will get you in tuned with how your clutch is going to disengage. Drag racers call it a "dry hop". Shifting with out the clutch will drop 2-3 tenth offf your quarter. How you do thta is to "blip" (very quickly let off the throttle and get back on it) the throttle as you shift.


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freaking newbies, man there slow, ha ha ha
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My only advice is to slip the clutch so the front tire is only a inch or two off the ground when you launch. That netted me the best 60' time. The only trick after that is figuring out your best shift points. For me I shifted a 1.5k before redline and my times were dropping.
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The posts above are good ones.

there have been times when I thought I was going to leave my shoes on the starting line it was soo sticky.

no one warned me my 1st time out on a bike at the drag strip and I attempted my usual (street) launch of spinning the tire a little while leaving the line ... well it was soo sticky that I 12 oclocked. (boy thats a long few seconds until the front comes down.)

I either avoid the burnout box all together or back in if I feel like I don't have enough traction or tire too cold.

Slipping the clutch to keep the wheel slightly off the ground as mentioned above is the method that has worked the best for me as well

leaving just as the last yellow lights is a good starting point for timing. you can tweak this by checking your reaction time.

Have fun.
Its addicting

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All very good advice, wish I asked a few years ago.

My only advice for starting out, Keep both feet on the ground a few times, yeah you don't get into second as fast, but you have alot better balance coming of the line. Like said before the first time of the line is like being shoot from a cannon. Sometimes you put your crotch by the tank, but at the launch your butt hits the back seat. (weird feeling) And use the clutch enless your getting a air shifter and dual friction plates.

Play with your suspension, one adjustment at a time.

Have fun!!!
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Like ohfugit said, if you normally spin the rear on the street you probably won't at the strip. Instead the front will come up........surprise!
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Go to 41 and Practice. its cheap and you get multiple passes.
Everyone does it different.
I highly reccomend not hammering on it the first time out.
But do take off on the last yellow. If you wait for the green your to late!

Use your clutch till your comfy enough to eliminate it from the process..

Stay away from the redline... the rev limiter really effects your times

Try to line up with slower boosts your confidence too.
Unless of course a guy on a ex500 spanks ya!

This is gonna hurt!
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Hmm...yea maybe I'll stick to near stock cars for a little while then
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