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Classic Racer "what if's"


You walk proper lines through the grocery store with the cart.

You've ever had to explain the term "pucker factor".

You've paid $5.00 a gallon for gas without complaining.

Your idea of a decent sort of house to buy is one with a basement and a big garage,a downhill driveway so you can bump-start your racebike, and a working toilet on the property somewhere.

You bought a race bike before buying a house.

You bought a race bike before buying furniture for the new house.

You're looking for a bike transport vehicle and still haven't bought furniture!

You hear "overcooked it" and think "off the track" instead of "Denny's".

You sit on your race bike in the garage and make bike noises and shift and practice your throttle blipping/braking, while waiting for your motor to get back from the shop.

You look at the purchase of tools as a long term investment.

At least one of your children was conceived at a race track.

Your garage has more bikes than your house has bedrooms.

You have enough spare parts to build another bike.

You have bike parts in your cubicle at work.

You registered for wedding gifts at Marietta Motorsports.

After your answer to "How was your weekend?" the next question is always: "And you do this for fun? Right?"

You've ported your 2-stroke lawn mower, chain saw, or weed eater.

Your reading material in your bathroom consists of a 1-888-FASTLAP catalog, and 400 bike magazines, none of which have centerfolds.

Some people only know you by your racing class & bike number.

Your first date involves asking her to crew for you.

You plan your wedding around the race schedule.

You complain when cars in front of you on highway off-ramps don't stay on the line, causing your exit speed to drop.

You tell a friend you need to clean up the head this weekend and they think you mean the toilet.

You gladly pay $9 for a bottle of engine oil.

You hate long distance driving, but gladly drive 800 miles to the race track.

You save broken bike parts as "momentos".

You've found your lawnmower runs pretty good on 108 octane gas

You've got 3 immaculate race bikes always race ready, but your wife has to nag you for 2 months before you fix the headlight in her car.

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Dirtbikes are not submarines
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CLSB's Florida Chapter.
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good stuff... i have one for drag racing cars too.. as alot of the same ones


1997 Dodge Viper GTS
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Why is this in the "humor" section? You mean there are people who DON'T think that way?

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I break stuff
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Slow Old Guy.
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Those looked mostly logical and straightforward to me.

Reminds me gotta fix that friggin left front blinker on my wife's car.

And wondering if I could mow any faster with race fuel in the lawnmower...

Great Quote - One would think that the Secret Service was smart enough to get serviced secretly.

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The race fuel will not make it go faster, just burns cleaner and smells like track whore goodness... Vic is guily of pretty much the entire fucking list. I guess that the pit crew line worked on me though We fell in love to the sound of 125's in the morning.

NESBA #469

"It's better to be on the track for just one lap than to be a spectator for life."
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Your friendly Crazy Canuk
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You forgot

A friend drops by and tells you "Wow this place is looking like a dealership!"

Sometimes goodbye is your second chance.
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Old bikes RULE! RIDE ONE!
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I knew there were reasons I wasn't all that successful racing. Thanks for helping me pin them down.

"For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, 'He has a demon.' The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard..."

The first turn is the worst turn, between the left ear and the right one.
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Here's a few more:

Your vacations are planned around races, not around "scenic places to travel"

You use TiVo for motorsports almost exclusively

Your Scooter is used for pit areas only, not for street use

"Backing it in" doesn't mean using the reverse gear

Speaking of reverse, your street bikes use race pattern shifting

When you talk about "losing weight" its removal of parts, not reducing your weight.
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I have not seen that one in a while. Good stuff.

There is nothing firm, nothing balanced, nothing durable in all the universe. Nothing remains in its original state, each day, each hour, each moment, there is change. Change is the essence of life. Embrace change as you do life. To fight change is to live in the past.
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