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I have a question for you...........................

skiing is great sport, one thing that is essential is deciding that you are excited about trying a new sport, you seem kind of iffy. try and be positive you will have a better time. having said that let me try and help.
I managed a specialty ski shop for many years so here goes.
Big plus one on the lesson. group lessons work if you get lucky and get a really good instructor and no one else signs up for your time slot. a better way is to book a semi private lesson. This is cheaper and still gets you lots of quality instruction.
As to clothing. if you are going to wear a synthetic as a first layer then you need every other layer to be synthetic. if you wear say a hoodie over the underwear you will get moisture getting stuck in the hoodie and you will end up cold and wet. so make sure you have on layers that all wick moisture.
plan on working a little hard your first time out which will contribute to you getting hot. as for socks wear a good wicking sock like thorlo or something similar, thicker is not better- I repeat thicker is not better. a thin sock will wick moisture away from your foot and the liner is designed to pull the moisture out. and yes feet sweat. Thick socks mean you will end up wearing a boot that is to big which will also contribute to cold feet.
I also recomend strongly rent your ski's from a good local shop so that you get equipment that is in better shape. rentals at areas in wisconsin have a bad tendency to be completely out of tune and are crap to ski on.
good local shops in your area roughly would be king keyser, see rick or jim or go to vertical drop in st charles. I hope it helps pm me if you have any other questions

<............... Whitney

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