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Talking More carbs please

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m sick and tired of low-carb everything diet. I ignore it, laugh at it, but come on already. Now we have low-carb wine?

Low-carb has nothing to do with healthy eating and everything to do with good marketing, selling books, quick and easy diets. Nothing has changed since I took the chemistry-based nutrition class in college where we took food apart molecule by molecule to learn about what food really is and what it does after you eat it. I’ve always been in to “healthy” eating, but I allow myself to eat what I want with the “moderation is the key” rule.

So I can’t wait until this fad goes away. In this age of food engineering, additives, chemicals, pesticides and who knows what else that ends up in our food, we should really do our research before giving in to another fad diet, after all… you ARE what you EAT.

Brought to you by VIVID1

Some good articles I found at the mayo clinic web site:

Low-carbohydrate diets: Are they safe and effective?

Carbs, low-carbs: A Mayo Clinic specialist cuts through the confusion

Diet Fads over the years

1967: Eat fat to lose fat
Dr. Irwin Stillman's "The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet" encourages a strict diet of meat, eggs and cheese. The diet leaves some followers in a state of ketosis, with bad breath, constipation and weakness. Stillman died of a heart attack in 1975.

1970s: The Atkins 'Revolution'
Cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins introduces his protein-based "diet revolution" and it catches on in a major way. Despite criticism from the American Medical Association for the diet's large portions of fats and cholesterol, Atkins pens a similar book in 1992, "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," which also became a best-seller.

1977: Shake it up
Daniel Abraham launches Slim-Fast, a diet milkshake that promises quick weight loss when dieters drink it instead of eating breakfast or lunch. A protein diet scare -- in which 59 people died -- in the late 1970s spurs the government to pull Slim-Fast and other protein diet products off shelves, but the milkshake quickly rebounds in the 1980s as liquid diets become all the rage.

1979: Cut the cholesterol
Californian Nathan Pritikin pens the hugely popular "Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise," which claims that exercise and a low-fat diet can reverse cardiovascular disease. Cardiologist Dr. Dean Ornish later seconds this claim and publishes the popular heart-healthy "Life Choice" diet in 1993.

1981: Enzyme magic
After hearing a voice that commanded her to pull her car off the freeway and head to a health food store, Judy Mazel writes the best-selling "The Beverly Hills Diet," which lists digestion as the key to weight loss. Mazel identifies tropical fruits as the most-easily digested foods and recommends a diet of papayas, pineapples and bananas. "The more time you spend on the toilet, the better," she says. Critics charge that Mazel's book is no more than the marketing of anorexia nervosa.

1981: Liquid danger
Figure-enhancement entrepreneur Jack Feather develops the Cambridge Diet, an extremely low-calorie liquid diet that puts users in danger because it doesn't offer enough protein to keep the body from feeding on its own muscles and organs. The Food and Drug Administration forces Feather's company to stop selling the diet drinks after 30 people on the diet die of heart attacks.

1993: Popcorn pusher
Spiky-haired dynamo Susan Powter motors onto the infomercial circuit, hawking her book, "Stop the Insanity," and promoting a weight loss plan that slims by cutting out high-fat foods. "You can eat popcorn until you throw up," she says.

1996: Cabbage craze
Photocopied versions of the Cabbage Soup Diet circulate, allowing dieters to eat all the cabbage soup they want (or can stand) plus fruit. The diet, which sometimes falsely bills itself as the "American Heart Association Diet for Overweight Heart Patients," promises its followers will shed 10 to 17 pounds in a week.

2003: Miami as model
After a series of low-carb fads (including the rebirth of the Atkins Diet and 1995's best-selling "The Zone"), Dr. Arthur Agatson, a cardiologist, tells dieters that he strikes a balance between low-carb and low-fat in his best-selling "The South Beach Diet."
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Special Agent Lance Boyle
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Holy Shit,
Vivid I agree with you 100%!

<--------Sticky Nicky
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From a psychological perspective, these things just encourage obcessive compulsive disorder too. Great. Just add to the psychological problems that are at the root of significant weight problems.
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Please attend carefully..
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What about some common sense cutting down on junk food and exercising more? I lost 10 pounds this summer.

"Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it." - JP2

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"everyone's a nutjob, some just have more restraint than others" - EndlessRR
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Let's all say with her: MOD-ER-A-TION !!!

It's really simple: Eat more Calories than you use and you have stored energy left over in the form of fatty acids.

The human body burns roughly 70% of the needed caloric intake for a day simply through it's normal functions. That means your heart beating, lungs breathing, cells....err...celling, uses up almost 3/4. A little exercise each day and a boosted metabalism is all you need to lose weight and/or stay at a healthy body weight.

I ate twice as much food (when I was working out 2-3 times a week) than right now (currently in slack mode) and I weighed less then.

Oh yeah, and I've laughed at this low-carb crap since day one. When the hell is the general public going to understand that ANYTHING that preaches "lots of this and none of that" never works. A BALANCE is what is needed. And some self-control too.

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Amen sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anna is just pissed because I managed to lose 30 pounds on MY version of a lo-carb diet

Sometimes goodbye is your second chance.
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Listen to Anna, she probably has the best figure of anyone on this board. My advice is regular exercise...then you can eat whatever you want.
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So what your saying Anna is to use common sense. Interesting since so many people out there now adays lack that. I think there is a book idea somewhere there. I want royalties

I'm not short. I'm aerodynamically efficient.

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Originally Posted by RickC1957
Anna is just pissed because I managed to lose 30 pounds on MY version of a lo-carb diet
No, you lost 30 pounds because you're exercising, not drinking alcohol, and I'm sure whatever you're eating, no matter what it's composed of, is simply more healthy and constitutes less calories than what you're using (especially with the exercise).
But don't listen to me. I'm the chunkiest chickie in this thread. I'd write more but I'm off to get some donuts.
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Originally Posted by RickC1957
Anna is just pissed because I managed to lose 30 pounds on MY version of a lo-carb diet
Lo-carb diets will help you loose weight if that is "all" you want to do - loose weight, that is great. But don’t confuse that with eating healthy. And don’t continue to avoid carbs for extended periods of time.

That’s all I’m stressing here, it’s a "diet fad" and it does work, but it’s NOT a healthy life style like the marketing people will have you believe.
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But I have a funny story to share with y’all. Brian and I were sport touring though southeastern Kentucky this past May. We were in the hills and we were hungry. We came upon a Burger King so we figured that was going to have to do for a lunch stop.

We stood in line to order. We were behind a lady who ordered a lo-carb burger. She stepped over to the side and we ordered our food. Her food came, she took it and walked away. We were still waiting for our order when she came back.

She says to the guy behind the counter [insert Kentucky Hill Billy accent here] “I think you forgot to put a bun on my burger?” the guy behind the counter told her, this was a lo-carb burger, you were supposed to hold the meat patty between the two lettuce leaves. She’s like “Ah, I can’t eat no burger without no bun though, why can’t I have a bun with my lo-carb burger?” The guy behind the counter says “The burger bun is loaded with carbs” she’s like “I want to eat healthy and all but I need a bun, can I get a bun for this burger?”

I guess you had to be there.
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What do you expect...she lives in Kentucky.

Life is too short to ride anything but an R1

In memory of FastBlueR1...RIP

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Seriously though if weight is a tremedous issue for someone a low carb diet can be a ticket out. The difference is a transition, it can be used as a tool to hit a target and then adjusted back. I imagine a short term Atkins diet is more healthy than carrying the extra weight. I agree with the long term usage, I work with a guy who's been doing Atkins for like 3 years, he's totally obsessed.

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