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Originally Posted by EndlessRR
Do I'm looking at this guy thinking, you better not fucking touch my car or i will be forced to get out and drop kick you in the jugular. I tell him i had nothing else to give, and he gives me this shit face look as if i just fucked his mother, then he starts bad mouthing me saying, "man, you've got this nice car and you can't give me shit?" At this point i'm ready to get out and snap this asshole's neck, but then he steps back, stares at my gf, then give's me 2 thumbs up. I sit there with a confused ass look, and i drive off.

Now, I usually give homeless folks $$ whenever i can, but after this i prolly never will. BTW, is it me or are these homeless folks getting younger and younger every year??

This is another reason why you should ride the bike. Homeless people never ask you for money when you are on the bike with full gear They think you can't hear under the helmet, and you can't get to your pockets with gloves on

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Originally Posted by Kegger View Post
"Ride it like you have 30 monthly remaining payments" should keep most people out of trouble.
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