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"fake bills" pen?

Hey does anybody know if it's possible to obtain one of those pens that tells a person if the money they have in their hands is counterfeit or not?

Got a guy coming down to buy my Gix on Saturday, and he says he's paying cash. Not that this guy has given me ANY indication that he's a fraud... I'm just thinking it may not be a bad idea to have one of those pens on hand. Especially since I'll be handing a majority of the cash over to someone else on Sunday to purchase another bike. Last thing I want is for somebody to get screwed...

Jim Ptak
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How about an Office Max or something, if not how about asking a bank where they get them.

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If you're nervous, just tell the guy to swing by a bank first and get a cashier's check. He'll probably be a whole lot less offended by that than having you wave a pen over every single bill!

If you don't find a resolution though, just be cautious when you're counting. If it looks/feels real enough to you, then it's probably gonna look real enough to the next guy, and the guy after that. Good luck!

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I can get you one of these pens if you really want to just PM and you can have it as early as tomorrow. But I agree with Underdog, get a cashiers check and if you still unsure call the bank and have them verify it. Anyways let me know what you decide, PM if you still want the pen and I'll give you me info.
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Easiest and most reliable would be to have him go to the bank (your bank) and deposit the cash. They will know right off the bat! then either withdraw it later or then. If you say you are suspicious of the money i am sure they will just plain out check it for you.

Better to err on the side of caution!



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Thanks guys, I will check out Office Depot. I don't really want to pull a favor and borrow one... I just figured this was a good reason to get one for myself.

Going with a bank certified check was what we were going to originally do. The guys bank doesn't have any Chicago-based branches though, so the plan was to have him get the check a few days prior to coming out and send me the info. I would then have just called his bank to verify it was a valid check (which, I should add, he was completely cool with.) However, you CAN still issue a "stop-payment" on a bank check (it happened to a friend of mine when he sold one of his racecars) and while you can get your money out of it eventually (as he did) - it's a fairly long and ugly legal process. The buyer for my bike emailed me today and told me that he could just pay cash... so I figure that saves the headache of having to deal with verifying the check, etc.

The buyer has not given me any reason NOT to trust him, so I'm really not too worried about it. I just figured if it was easy enough, then it wouldn't hurt to take that extra step - especially since the cash is going to buy a bike from a fellow CLSB member. If it was someone else, I would be a little less concerned.

Jim Ptak
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Those pens dont always work too good... ive picked counterfeits out that were marked with that pen. People bleach $1 bills and print $50 or $100 bills on the paper.

Best way to detect a counterfeit - touch. If it feels like paper, its most likely fake. New bills feel like slightly worn sandpaper and older bills feel like soft cloth. Another tip is to look for the blue and red threads embedded in the fabric, NO counterfeits I have ever seen were able to duplicate this. Also watermarks are almost never able to be reproduced. Also obvious color variations, most bills have a slightly pale green tint, counterfeits are either oversaturated or undersaturated green. Some are even black and white photocopies (a la Beavis and Butthead.. no kidding I swear banks deposit these all the time with us). Finally, when fanning through the bills ALWAYS look at the backs, not the front. By looking at the backs it is WAY easier to spot a counterfeit.

Cashier's checks arent always 100% reliable either. A good friend of mine runs a used car lot and someone passed a counterfeit cashier's check and made off with a new Harley Davidson edition F150. The bank didnt even catch it until they tried to clear it and found that the account was invalid, looked into it further and found it was fake.

You can always bring me along, since I'm certified in counterfeit detection by the Fed
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Just to let you know, I was passed some phoney $20.00's this week, and so was the Wendy's at Golf and Roselle, and yes folks they are the new ones

Sometimes goodbye is your second chance.
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if the guy is on the up and up and has been cool with bringing cash to avoid the validation of a personal check, offer to take him to your bank with his cash to ensure everything is ok. you can appologize all you want but simply say that it is a lot of money and since you would be turning around with the same money you dont want to screw the next person. it shouldnt take long at the bank. sounds like the guy wouldnt mind since he has cooperated so far.

oh and remember that when money is put in a briefcase or in a wad of bills, you have to look at the lower bills. it might just be a $20 bill on the top and singles below. i got screwed on a huge drug deal.... uh ummm yeah, never mind.

just be careful. i am sure everything is cool but be carefull.
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Already, crap.

Dude, do the transaction thru a bank. That will create a record of the transaction. Is the smart way to do it.

just my .02

Logtar - John

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