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Where were you when it happened?

My Reflection on Sept 11th

It was a beautiful September morning, temps in the high 60's not a cloud in the sky. I was standing in my kitchen with my carpenter drinking coffee while he was working on reinstalling a back door in my house. I was seriously considering ditching work because it was such a beautiful day, all I wanted to do was take the bike out and go ridin. The Busa was calling to me from the garage, but I knew I couldnít do that. So I was preparing to go about my day. Then it happened.

The TV was on and one of the typical usually bubbly blond journalists came on and said something about a small plane hitting the WTC. The camera went to a live shot of the WTC with smoke billowing out of the top floors; I pointed it out to my carpenter and said, "Hey check this shit out". We were both looking at it like "wow what a dumb ass, didnít see that big ass building in front of him." then, all of the sudden as I'm watching I see a jet streak across the sky and hit the second building. At that point I almost choked on my coffee and I knew that it was no accident, we both Stood there staring at the screen in horror. For the next few minutes you could hear a pin drop. Then I said something to the affect that "we need to ground every mother fuckin plane in the air right fuckin now and start searching them for FUCKIN terrorists." Apparently I wasnít the only one thinking that. Next thing I knew I was hearing about the pentagon being hit, another plane going down and a grounding order had been issued to all remaining planes. I couldnít believe this was happening it was so surreal like something out of a movie. All I could think about was the fact that there were so many planes up there and the sears tower had to be a target and I was dreading watching every minute of the news thinking that the next picture I would see was the tower in flames. I had a meeting down the street from there in a few hours.

My carpenter hurried up and put my door back together for the time being and took off to go be with his wife and kids. I called and cancelled the meeting I was supposed to have downtown. I spent most of that day talking to friends on the web and on the phone. I was lucky, our New York office was not damaged and everyone who was at the Marriott for a meeting was able to get out OK, so I didnít loose any Co- workers that day, but I knew a lot of people who did and it really upset me. Trying to find out if everyone was all right was a major disaster. Two-way pagers, cell phones, email, Instant messanger, Bulletin boards, you name it I was on it. But the rumors were the worst everywhere you went all you got were different stories. Trying to find any credible news sources was like looking for a virgin in a whorehouse.

My heart went out to all the people that day and it still does. Thinking about that day which I do often fills me with an anger that I have never really been able to describe. The only tern that comes close is "Homicidal rage" I would give anything to have a crack at those pieces of shit responsible for that act. To look them in the eye and see the sheer arrogance that they possess about their cause, then to just beat the ever living shit out of them till their begging to die. Fuck! Does that thought get me going.

I am a little early on this posting as tomorrow is Sept 11th but I was sitting here reflecting on that morning and I decided to post what I was thinking about. I know my language isnít the best here and I apologize. But I write how I talk and thatís how I feel.

This Country is an amazing place. In the days following the feeling of patriotism radiated from everyone I passed. I was never so proud to be an American. To see how we could all pull together to get through adversity filled my heart with an incredible joy that almost drowned out some of the anger I was feeling. Seeing President Bush come on TV and the crowd Go silent in the bar up at Cafe Salsa, everyone hanging on his every word was truly amazing. I canít remember in my lifetime when anyone watched like that as a president spoke. Then when he was done everyone applauded. I again was never so proud to be an American. Hang your Flags proudly today everyone. For this is a day of remembrance. And to the Fire fighters, police and innocent civilians who died that day, God Bless you all, and God Bless America.

-Tony Filippelli

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yeah i just woke up too and then thought it was a movie untill i saw the shit was real...then i called all my family to let them know and check on them told my mom to get out of chicago and come back to her house..i sat there glued the the t.v. for weeks and nothing but anger swelled

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Tgf Og
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well, like i said before i woke up early and decided to catch the news before i headed out. Turned the tv on and saw what was going on the first plane had just hit the first tower. i sat there and watch as they debated what kind of plane it was. they came back from a comercial and had the camera on the flames pouring out of the first tower. there was a helicopter flying behind tower 2 probably filming a closer veiw. as this was going on they news personal where still talking about what type of plane hit the 1st tower when while they where talking the other plane swooped in and nailed the other tower. it took them a bit to realize what had just happend. I called my work, to let them know what was going on and that i dont think i would be flying anywhere now. (was suppose to fly to Cleavland that day for some training) as they where showing the replays, they broke to the pentegon, yep same shit. I sat there for a couple of hours just watching and finally went into work, not much going on, streets where quiet,phones where quiet. Just a bad day all around. Then who can forget the sound of the 2 jets breaking the sound barrier chasing down the other plane???
I feel for all those who lost, and quite frankly am disapointed that the maniac behind this is still out there. Really had me thinking about what was important in this world.


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I had just dropped my kid off for school and on my way home when the radio personality mentioned that a plane had hit the WTC. I got home and turned on the tube, called the wife over, and there it was. Same stuff, they were wondering on the size of the plane, etc. and the second one hit.

I have no idea how the TV journalists remained so calm, it was happening just down the street from them. My wife and I watched in amazement, in horror. I knew in my heart that they were not going to remain standing.

People falling, people jumping, people leaving voice messages for their loved ones. What a terrible day, what a terrible act.
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Believe it or not, I was at a company wellness exam on the 19th floor of the Merchandise Mart having a blood draw. When I got back to my cube on the 5th floor, I got an email from one of my team members who was telecommuting that day, saying two planes hit. I thought it was a freak accident involving Cessnas until my VP - a retired Air Force Lt. Col. - came up to me and said they hit the Pentagon too. At around 9:30 they sent us home. Most of that day I was just in a daze watching the TV.

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Well, I was sitting in the school library doing some stuff online, when the guy next to me started talking about how crazy it was that we just declared war. I was like "Wtf are you talking about?" And he's like, "We just declared war, we're at war with terrorist forces" or something. I was still thinking "Wtf are you talking about?" 'cause, quite frankly, the guy looked like he was a bum and was just there to use the computer, so I started looking at stuff online and realized there was indeed something terribly wrong. By this time, the news was on all the TVs and people had gathered on the main floor and were watching, so I went down there and watched. They had a big meeting for those at school who wanted to discuss the incidents and a lot of people were very shook up. All in all, it was a verry verrry crazy day, but I still had class and went to work and everything.
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I was at school teaching when it happened. No one really knew what was going on. I turned on the tv after the 1st building was hit, but before the 2nd building. The entire day was filled w/ sadness and rage. We were glued to the tv all day. The students didn't really know what to think and we started discussing possible future scenarios.

Even seeing the pictures now puts such a strong feeling of rage and hate that I want to take up arms and go kill some terrorists for my country.


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I was on vacation in Disney World. My GF and I were at Magic Kingdom when they announced the park was closed. Not knowing what was going on, I was like WTF????

Well we got back to our hotel and asked one of the employees if only Magic Kingdom was closed. She said no the whole park is closed until further notice. I asked why? She just looked at me kinda strange and said "you havent heard?" She then Informed me the WTC was no longer and the Pentagon got hit.
Needless to say We ran up to our room and watched what had transpired.

Here is a pic of what was on the TV in our room.

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here is another

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I was at work. Was there for a couple of hours all ready. When I noticed the internet was acting funny(working hard as always) I also happened to be browsing the Chicago Trib.com. About the same time I heard the rumors fly across the floor, I was getting initial reports on the web site. Then the net came to a SCHREACHING halt.

A minute or two later I walked over to the vending area where they normally brodcast the "Grainger" tv, but they had it flipped to CNN. Saw the second plane hit, then spent the next four hours glued to the tele. Spent the rest of the day glued to the nex trying to gain further info. Hell, spent the better part of 3 days doing that!

Interesting note: I was listening to BBC Radio One streaming at the time, and had also listened to some BBC news wires for a while the week before. So, I pulled up a BBC feed from Australia, believe it or not, I got more news updates faster from that than from US stations and sites. What I liked about that was the fact that is wasn't "filtered" through US streams. So some information was learned that wouldnt come via US news for hours! Not to mention the overseas POV!
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I was at work taking morning research calls like normal. I saw the first plane on the tube and thought the same as Tony how do you miss that building then I saw the second swoop in and new something was wrong. All my phone lines lit up like a christmas tree with people telling me what's going on. Our CEO came out and said we may leave if we wish. I stayed for a while to see if I could contact some friends. At this point all my lines went unanswered on the other end. I went home in shock. I waited till 2am to find out about my godmother and godfather who worked at the pentagon. Finally found out my godfathers office was destroyed buy he was on vacation. Same with my godmother but she was not in that part of the building at the time. The worst was coming back to work and hearing what people were still gone. I had a friend that was at Cantor Fitzgerald in Chicago but was in NY on business 9/11. Since I new he was there I checked Cantor's website daily until Friday. I didn't see his name but thought he was gone and figured they probably didn't know he was there yet because he was in from chicago. I can honestly say when I finally came to grips with that I sobbed hysterically. Later I found out he was at a breakfast meeting with a client and not in the tower at the time. I was relieved but still shared the pain that all of his co-workers there were mostly gone. He told me he could name at least 100 people he lost that day. As things unfolded I learned more and more Coleagues I would never talk to again. Thankfully other co-workers that were there were ok rented cars and came home. It was not uncommon for us to be staying at that Mariott that is no more. It's still painful for me and tomorrow I'm sure I'll shed a few more tears, but I figure that's ok. It's normal to grieve when a tragedy hits that close to your heart. I don't talk about it much anymore either. It just angers me too much

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I had the day off. We had just moved into the new house and the Sat TV was going to be installed. Wife called and told me what had happened. Not TV so I was dying to find out. The TV guy didn't want to come out but I convinced him to I needed to find out what was going on. I did loose 2 friends from another website I visit. I never knew what they did or how but we were told they didn't make it out.

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I was at work drinkin a cup of coffee when one of my co-workers said sum dumb-ass just flew his plane into WTC. I went over to the T.V. and saw the second plane hit. I didn't get a damn thing done at work that day. All my prayers and thoughts go out to the families of all the people that lost their lives in this horrible incedent. And a special prayer to the seven brother Buildin engineers that also lost their lives...R.I.P.



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Originally Posted by whiteSeatEnvy View Post
lol It's even typed in redneck!


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I was on a plane from ohare to Las Vegas a united airline flight on a 767 that took of in the same window of time the the other planes did. The pilot came on in the middle of the in flight movie and said there was an act of sabbatoge in N.Y. and we where makeing an emergacy landing (mean while the plane was taking a major change in course) then a very long 3 or 4 min later he said where landing in Omaha we need people to help the sturidess pick up the food trays and if they are not picked up before we landed throw them under our seats. at this time we where like WHAT THE FUCK !! so the plane lands and the pilot tells us we can turn on our sell phones and realy does not tell us what is going on but we can see all the planes on the ground and none of them are going to the termanals. as every on turns on there cell phones they all start ringing and beeping with mesages. i checked my message and my girlfreind is balling telling me to call her please my mom and freinds are all calling(this when they where spreding rumors that other mlanes where hijacked)
then we started to peice together what was going on ( WHAT A SHOCK) we sat on the runway for 4 hours before we got off the plane. a freind i know picked me up at the airport drove me to a rental car he rented for me and i drove home from omaha. i did not think the planes would be flying for a while

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I was at work and i go in before everyone else does. My mom called me to let me know that 2 planes had hit the WTC and the pentagon at first i didn't believe her. Then i got online looking for updates and when everyone started coming into the office everyone was giving me updates and someone brought in a radio so we listened to it all day. I also was scared that they my hit Chicago which it didn't but later i heard that the Sears towers was a target. I was in shock i just couldn't believe someone would do that
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I was reading the Trib online at work when I saw the first news. Had my radio on WBBM for the rest of the day. No work was done in our office for the balance of the week - our entire staff was moving about the office in a total state of shock.

My mother had been in town all that week for a convention and was to have flown back that Thursday. She and her co-worker ended up driving back together several days later.

What made the most lasting impression on me was the absence of jet noise.

The silence of the sky was broken only by the sounds of military aircraft that could be heard flying near our house.

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Just starting my shift at the firehouse. I never forget standing out at roll call when one of the off going shift guys came running out saying a"a plane just hit the WTC!" From then on not one of us took our eyes off the TV. We watched as 343 of my brothers died. Not knowing what was going on ...fears turned to Chicage. What if they plan on hitting the SEARS tower? with only being 10 or so miles away we all waited.

Setting Foot on ground zero a month later is a time I will NEVER forget. Paying my respect to the families we met at just a few of the FDNY funerals we went to.

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