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Bioshock - Xbox 360

I have to admit, I'm liking the demo a lot. Freaking wicked. Anyone else gave it a try?
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Yeah, I got the demo last night for Xbox 360. It's pretty badass, but since it's a FPS I'll probably get it on PC instead (Mouse + keyboard ftw)
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What is it?

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming WOW, what a RIDE !!"
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It's going to be awesome. It's getting the highest reviews I've ever seen, 10/10 at alot of places. High concept role-playing type first person shooter set in a dystopian alternative art-deco past.

Here's the review from gameinformer-


Deep beneath the surface of the ocean, at a depth where not even the faintest trace of the sunís mighty light can be seen, the cold, obdurate blackness holds the future of mankind. Itís here that the underwater metropolis known as Rapture was built with the dream of the top brass of science congregating to build a better tomorrow. As the experiments and theories began to take shape, science defeated common sense, and something went wrong. Something went terribly wrong. As your bathysphere descends toward this revered paradise, you are hit with the sinking fear that mankind may have gone too far. Itís not until you step foot in the ruins of this city that you realize just how real this fear is.

Itís this expedition of discovery, laced heavily with the philosophical undertones of Ayn Rand, that makes BioShock such a uniquely compelling game. It makes you feel like a fish out of water, gasping for air as the world around you takes shape in twisted and horrifying ways. Young girls, who could be no older than 12, scour the cityís dimly lit hallways for corpses to harvest. Lumbering giants, outfitted in scuba suits, emit moans like blue whales and wield a small armyís worth of weaponry. This world is as dangerous as it is wondrous. You want to flee, yet you canít help but be hopelessly entranced by its strange beauty.

As much as you want to stare at its odd machinations and soaring architecture, the biggest draw in this underwater society is the power you have over it. With the flick of your fingers, you can send an agitated swarm of bees whizzing toward an ill-tempered denizen. Or, with the same motion, lightning could jump off of your fingertips into a pool of water to electrucute a small gathering of mutants. If magical abilities fail, you can always turn to a pistol outfitted with armor-piercing bullets to take out an airborne robotic sentry, or something more unforeseen, like a chemical thrower with your choice of napalm, electrical gel, or liquid nitrogen. And if you just want to mess with the freaks of Rapture, you could always hack into their security systems so that a health station delivers poison, or that a turret targets the people that originally programmed it. This high concept gameplay has variety in spades, and is polished to the point that every battle feels like a small war Ė you wonít believe how much stress and chaos one ordinary thug can create. The game may sound incredibly complicated, but it couldnít be easier to control. Your characterís movements are remarkably smooth, the targeting system functions perfectly, and weapon/power switching is effortless.

BioShock also may seem like a game driven by its setting and the atmosphere it creates. While delivering a level of intrigue you rarely see in games, its most captivating element is its gameplay Ė which I can easily say delivers the most rewarding and adrenaline-filled experience I have ever had with an FPS.

Everything about this game screams perfection, but thereís one element that might not sit well with you. Rather than dying in battle, players simply respawn at a vita-chamber. The damage dealt to an adversary remains even though the player didnít succeed. You simply have to go back and clean up your mess to continue on. As intense as the gameplay is, knowing you really canít fail takes some of the bite out of it. Yes, this system will allow gamers of all skill levels to complete the game Ė which is a developerís dream Ė but it may alienate gamers who only turn to games for a challenge.

Of course, even if you play games strictly for the difficulty that they bring, BioShock is a title that needs to be played, simply because you will never look at an FPS the same way again. Of the 15 to 20 hours of gameplay that it delivers, there isnít a second wasted. Once you finish the game, thereís little chance that youíll take it out before playing it again to see the second ending.

Itís ingenious, enthralling, and a masterpiece of the most epic proportions. So without further delay, would you kindly enter Rapture so that you too can experience the best that video games have to offer?

Second opinion-

You stand over a genetically mutated corpse with a camera in hand, taking a picture of its final, twisted expression to appease a cruel puppet master. A haunting rendition of ďBei mir bist du schŲnĒ plays from a radio, over which you hear the low, whale-like cry of a Big Daddy as it ambles into sight. You freeze, but the hulking creature trips one of your proximity mines and fixes a glowing red eye on you in fury. Heart-stopping moments like these are what set BioShock apart as one of the most intelligent and daring masterpieces in gaming. The ruined utopia of Rapture is portrayed in vivid detail, and itís impossible not to get immersed in the story of its collapse as you fight to escape with an ingenious mixture of weapons and powers. A focus on survival takes center stage, as the game gives you just enough resources to improvise, but never enough to feel totally secure. Even so, every battle is a new opportunity to experiment with your abilities and unlock your potential. The respawn system slightly diminishes the stakes, but the intensity never wanes; youíve still got to make every bullet count. In terms of delivering chilling atmosphere, dynamic combat, and startling revelations, games just donít come any better than BioShock.


The creators of System Shock 2 have honed their craft to create an FPS that is as adventurous as it is powerful

In almost every room, youíll stop to carefully analyze the amazing detail applied to every surface and object. Itís one of the most beautiful games out there

The classic music, haunting voice recordings, and sound of insanity blend to create an eerie and intimidating array of sound. The surround sound support is also of a higher level than you usually hear

No matter what weapon or power you have equipped, you always feel like a god

The power to destroy has never been so varied and satisfying

Moderately High

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