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How to speak Chicagoese

How to speak Chicagoese..

> Grachki - (grach'-key) as in, "Yo, Theresa, waja do wit da grachki?
> Howmy supposta cut da grass if I can't git intada grach?"
> Uptada endada (up-ta-da-en'-dada) as in, "Joey, you kin ride yur bike
> uptadaendada alley but not acrost or I'll bustyur butt. . . . OK,
> honey?"
> Sammich. Chicagoese for sandwich. When made with sausage, it's a
> sassage sammich; with shredded beef, it's an Italian beef sammich, a
> local delicacy consisting of piles of spicy meat in a perilously
> Da. The definite article is a key part of Chicago speech, as in "da
> tree bears" or "da Mare"-the latter denoting, for as long as he
> wants it to, Richard M. Daley, or Richie, as he's often known.
> Jewels. Not family heirlooms or a tender body region, but a popular
> appellation for one of the region's two dominant grocery chains, to
> wit, "I'm goin' to da Jewels to pick up some sassage." As in most
> Chicago pluralizations, the "S" is pronounced with a hissing sound,
> rather than the usual "Z" sound of American pluralization.
> Field's: Marshall Field, a prominentChicagodepartment store. Also
> Carson Pirie Scott, a major department store chain, is called
> Tree. The number between two and four.
"We were lucky dat we only got tree inches of snow da udder night."
> Prairie. A vacant lot, especially one on which weeds are growing.
> Over by dere. i.e. "over by there," a prolix way of emphasizing a
> presumed familiar to the listener. As in, "I got the sassage at da
> Jewels down on Kedzie, over by dere.'
> KaminskiPark. Perhaps the high concentration of ethnic Poles makes
> people want the White Sox to be playing in this mythical ballpark,
> rather than in their true home, Comiskey Park.
> Frunchroom as in, "Getottada frunchroom wit dose muddy shoes." It's
> not the "parlor." It's not the "living room." In the land of the
> bungalow, it's the "frunchroom," a named derived, linguists believe,
"front room."
> Use. Not the verb but the pronoun "you". "Where's use goin'?"
> Downtown. Anywhere south of the zoo and north of Soldier Field near
> BoysTown: A section on Halsted Ave., between Belmont and Addison,
> is lined with gay bars on the west and east sides of the street.
"Didn't I see use in boystown at in front of da Manhole?"
> Braht: Short for Bratwurst. "gimme a braht wit kraut"
> Cashbox: Traffic reporter slang for tollbooths. "Dere's a delay at da
cashbox on da Skyway"
> Goes: Past or present tense of the verb "say." For example, "Then
goes, 'hey, gimme dat!""
> Guys: Used when addressing two or more people, regardless of each
individual's gender.
> Pop: A soft drink. Don't say "soda" in this town. "what kinda pop you
> Sliders: Nickname for hamburgers fromWhiteCastle, a popular
> burger chain "Dose sliders I had last night gave me da runs."
> The Taste: The annual Taste of Chicago Festival, a huge extravaganza
> in Grant Park featuring samples of Chicagoland's fine cuisine. Takes
> place around and before the Fourth of July holiday.
> Winter and Construction:
Punchline to the joke, "what are the two seasons in Chicago?"

> Jieetyet : this is used to ask if you " Did you eat yet ? "

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You must end all sentances in a preposition.

"Where's the Jewel's at?
"Where you goin' to?
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Please attend carefully..
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Originally posted by obijuan
You must end all sentances in a preposition.
Or with "already": "Enough already!!!"

Here's some more:

Land mines: dog poop

Green limousine: CTA bus

Dunning: mental house, from the one that used to be located at Irving and Narragansett. "Do you want me to put you into Dunning?"

Parish: a geographcal unit. The vast majority are prefixed by "O L" or are the plural forms of nicknames. "What parish you from?" "Tars." "Oh, I'm from OLV. We used to beat youse guys in basketball all the time".

Catlick: one of the two major school systems in the city. "Did you go to a public or Catlick school?"

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Can someone tell me where the R is in Chicago?

Richie Daley is the mare of Chicargo.
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