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Deal's Gap - Interesting Read

Motorcycle crash on "The Dragon" causes wildfire
Posted Apr 18th 2008 1:29PM by John Neff
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One of these days we're going to duct tape a hand-held camcorder to the front bumper of a car and take you all for a ride on The Tail of the Dragon, an 11-mile stretch of US 129 in Tennessee that is easily one of the greatest driving roads in America. That is, if it's still there. On Wednesday a motorcycle crash started a wildfire that grew to consume 10 acres of the rocky terrain's flora. The motorcyclist, one of a countless number who have tank slapped their bike on the dragon's twisty pavement, walked away from the incident, but firefighters were reportedly still working on containing the blaze yesterday. Thanks for the tip, Zane!
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You got the talkin' done
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Daily Updates - From

Friday April 18

Its Friday, and all is well on the mountain. As of 9 am, its already about 60 and it should only get warmer with a high expected to be mid-70's. Rain should move in for Saturday but we get right back to normal Sunday. Rain moves back in by Tuesday, so get it while you can.

Well, its shaping up to be an interesting weekend already. Last night, we had an airlift off the Gap around 7 pm. Not sure who it was so if you know anything, please let me know. The wreck was southbound around Sunset, but not much more is known.

The great fire of 2008 is burning out. Yesterday, it looked like it was well over 100 acres, but this am, its not much more than a bunch of smoldering piles of leaves. Thanks to all that kept that beast under control. Ive still not heard how the wreck happened, so if you know, please contact me.

I dont have much else to report other than the insane price of fuel these days. I know you all know a ton about it, but if you can, here is something to help the situation. Shell and Exxon are the 2 largest suppliers of fuel in the USA, and if they arent selling as much as they are presently, we can see a decrease in costs, based on their selling style. If you boycott any of the resellers that sell their fuel, you will be doing a good thing. These are the 2 companies that set the sales in the US. BOYCOTT them.

Honorable mention goes to Rick Peppin, or better known as Yellow Wolf. Rick is in for the weekend, and we are all very happy to see him. Good to have you back Rick !!!

Im outty. Enjoy your day folks, and keep the emails coming. Be safe, have fun and respect all you see and meet. --- Ben

Thursday April 17

Good morning to everyone. WOW< I have some stuff to go over, but first the weather. As of 9 am, its already in the 60's, and should be good until later in the day tomorrow. We are expecting some rain on Saturday am, but its not expected to be much. After that, we go back to sunny conditions and smiling faces.This will be a long daily so please be patient...

Monday was a very quiet day around here. So much so, I went home early, and that is always the instigator in things happening around here. Tuesday, though fairly uneventful, found a rider getting a ticket in the parking lot because the rider sped past the chillin' BCSO with little regard. The Sheriff's Deputy came all the way down to the store to talk to the rider, and instead of the rider being honest, he tried to lie about it, so the officer wrote the rider a ticket. This is where you visiting folks need to better understand how to deal with the police in this area. Something I learned a long time ago around here is that honesty means a lot to these folks. . If you were speeding and you get stopped, say to the officer " Im sorry, I got a bit excided, and wicked it up a bit" instead of "It wasnt me". These police are here for our own safety and well being, and while they could be doing much more meaningful things than sitting here on the mountain watching people have a good time, they are here for our own best interests. Lets not be rude by lying to them... This was the second instance of this scenario in as many days.

Late in the day yesterday (Wednesday) there was a rider heading northbound and got into some problems at the 10mm(known as the whip or Bens Brights, pending on the map you are looking at). Said rider somehow fell over in the exit of the turn and somehow lost some gas which ignited a fire. As of 6 pm yesterday, it was only about 10 acres, but this am its well over 50 and still burning. Truthfully, I think its even bigger than that, but I cant say for sure unless I had a helicopter. Either way, this is absolutely ridiculous. I know sh-t happens but this makes no sense. The Yamaha R-6 has an issue where you can easily shave a corner off the tank on a longer pavement slide and then ignite the gas in the tank, but I honestly dont know how this could have happened the way it did. I did see the pictures of the fire as it was fresh and the bike was a Suzuki GSXR(750 or 1000, I dont know). The fire was so hot it melted the swing arm completely, along with a couple other key parts. Suffice to say, this bike will not see another day.

As well, I was informed that yesterday the THP had a license check on US #129 at or around Punkin Center Wednesday afternoon. While I do not agree with getting pulled over for no reason, I know that there are many around here that do not have the proper training for motorcycle riding. While its everyones freedom to do what they want, there are some limitations. At the end of the day, if these fine folks can keep unqualified bikers off this mountain, we are all better off for it. . Its like I said in the past, if you and your bike are legal, you should have no issues with the local law enforcement.

Also on the THP front, they released some info to the local paper here a few days back stating that they will be back in this area. Info can be found here: What I find interesting is that this is not on their website, but it is in the local paper. Either way, I appreciate the heads up. We have not seen the THP here on Deals Gap yet, but we all knew that this was going to happen again, and here is the proof. As well, I feel the need to let all enthusiasts know that all the THP officers that I have spoken to think that last year was ridiculous, just as we do. But what really bothers me is the misuse of the public money for what is obviously a vendetta for someone. I mean really folks... why did we need 14 THP vehicles for a 9 mile stretch unless they were trying to scare everyone off. Then, there was the blatant lie that the THP put out as public notice found here: In this public statement, the THP reported that they only had 4 cars here during enforcement weekends, which is complete crap, as proven by many. To further compound matters, it seems that the truth is further stretched by the statements about decreases in wrecks and use of the air ambulance. We had these decreases because no one was here, not because everyone was playing better with each other. Lastly, I like to think of myself as a number man. Look at the statistics that are reported, and tell me how they came to those numbers.... cause I cant figure it out. I mean absolutely no disrespect towards the THP, but I do call it like I see it. I will continue to support any efforts by the THP providing they keep all actions above board, and within reason. Remember, when you have as many cars as they had here last year, it makes it much tougher to keep their eyes on the other trouble spots around here, like the 4 lanes or school zones, or even the interstate. Nuff said ??

Lastly, I want to comment to all that are going to stay away from this area because of the of them talking to a police officer while in the area. Get over yourselves folks. Everywhere you go there is law enforcement. Everything you do is governed by a set of laws and rules. This area has hundreds of great motorcycling roads, and few of them are in TN. If your concerned about your money not being spent in TN, then dont spend it there. NC is a beautiful area, that has an option for everyone. Take the time to come check out what NC has to offer before you write off the whole area because of 11 miles of road and a few short sighted, reactionary government officials.

If you have read it this far, you have successfully made it through one of my longer blogs. Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add, or comment on, you can certainly email me anytime. Just put my name in front of and you have my undivided attention.

Enjoy your day folks. Play safe, have fun and respect all you see and meet. --- Ben

If you ain't with us, then it's just bad news.
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