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EVERYTHING you need to know and how CLSB works.

sorry i missed up and forgot to lock it and sticky it. i try to do it right this time.
like i said this is a work in progress.

ok guys i am in the middle of writing a book to talk about all the issues of CLSB from its history to growth to its current issues of how it all works and what and where me and Tony are trying to take to it.

i feel with all the new members that haven't been around since day 1 or since member 3000 a lot of miss communication has been created so i am going to make a thread to stand for all time to see and read as it is important to know especially at the current time of our growth. if this help other websites i am happy to help. CLSB is often imitated but never duplicated. grab a soft drink and read with an open mind.

i will lock this thread for now and updated with each section i feel needs to be addressed from there ill create a new thread to listen to comments and or concerns and see if they help how we can implement them into our structure.

i and Tony are always up for good ideas or suggestions that go along with what he and i envisioned for this community and improving it along the way with concerns or issue that arise for our needs.


OK this is gonna be long winded but you guys wanted to know something and it seems advertisers and sponsors are the biggest rumored issues among you feeling censored or wondering.

I think you guys donít know or donít realize just how much we do and work on this site. While a ton recognize the benefits and also the site structure many donít understand WHY its that way and cause they donít ask or just assume it pisses them off. Since I care Ill try to explain so I hope this thread helps enlighten people.


1st off lets go into history, a long time ago when it was a few hundred that were on the site all the feeís to pay for the site was very cheap and between me and Tony splitting the bills it was chump change. Since then it has grown and every few thousands of members that are added and also there activity it also has increased the bills. Just like anything, more usage more money towards it. I have always asked to try to link other sites pictures or threads or info as much as you can to help save on bills, but honestly not that many people pay attention. Face it a lot of people donít really know, or care for that matter they just wanna have fun and learn and socialize.

Thatís why I take it upon myself to do the things I do in the manner I do them because fun is better then working, so I try to do the work so others can play and hopefully I have some fun along the way. While I might not know everything I do know a lot when it comes to business and also business planning and day to day operations business face. I own a few my self and also manage employees so I try to transitions that over to help CLSB to manage it from a stand point of structure and also the liable issues it faces on day to day operations. Tony handles any and all computer related issues pertaining to our needs and also what we feel we can bring to the site as far as features or implementations of perks we can give to the members in the electronic realm along with tonys ideas or what we both talk about to do with or bring to the site for the fun factor and also its ORINGINAL intent purpose.

Tony and I wanted to bring motorcyclist of all kinds together for the betterment of community, safety concerns, education, awareness issues, and our rights, improving your skills, improving the way you think and act on the streets. Most of all build a community in numbers and voices all working together towards these goals united.

To talk freely, unrestricted and on censored.

Currently we are 6000 members strong. This open chat forum is free to all its members to use, and interact in. nothing hid from no one. You donít even have to be a member to read it. We have been averaging over 9 million hits a month for years.

If someone wants to interact they sign up or they meet off line. A majority of riders love to read. Few interact in the levels as we do on line. Age demographics play issues I feel in that regard.

CLSB has went from being a local Chicago chat forum of local riders to currently being one of the largest and most active communities chat forums in the Midwest!

Along the way its growth became financial issues and some members disrespectful to the degree we needed to talk with them to change there attitude towards others. give multiple chances to change there ways of interaction with others because of complaints we receive from the offending parties or even myself or Tony saw that this member is unruly. when all efforts fail we ban them, if after some time they want to come back they contact me or tony and talk it out. if that can change and apologizes to the offending party we feel they deserve another chance. our policy is 3 strikes your out for ever!

this became over whelming, so Moderators were brought in to help keep an eye out to browse there sections of forums they are managing with Tonyís and myself guidelines which are posted in the rules of the site.


they do what we ask them which is to follow our set of rules and enforce them in there own particular fashion.

as you can imagine there is a LOT that they do and help us with, which Tony and i thank them till no end.

Our standards and our efforts work for the majority.


give me some time to get the next section written

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Location: balls deep in someones mom
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Years Riding: a long time!
Growing Pains:

Along the way and through time we are growing and Tony and I with the help from our memberís suggestions, advise of pleasures and praise and or complaints and comments. If you talk to us like you want to be talked to we are open minded and realistically want to help and also bring good factors or suggestions to a reality for us all.

So since Tony and I are pretty fair guys and think and act like just about any one of our members, wants to be treated fairly, wants to talk about issues, help learn and also share issues we can teach others and have fun! Life is good, we have moderators helping us out of good will and the love for CLSB, and Tony and I are able to afford the bills out of our normal income.

But then I started thinking, hey you know its not fair to pay this money out of our pockets when we like all the rest would love to pay for all the worlds debts if we have the money or even if we didnít. I donít think its fair to us and itís grown to the point we need outside income to off set this.

Maybe we should ask the members to donate?

We both never liked that idea and thought it would never work since as we know everyone has there own problems in life and there own bills they need to attend to, and its not like this is a private club with memberships to be a part of. We didnít like that idea because we felt it closed the door to reaching and helping and going along with our vision. FREE IS GOOD!


Just like in business nothing is free, if you own a business you must adhere to business ethics and standards, so if we are gonna sell advertising space on CLSB we cant allow spamming from any business owners, there employees or there affiliates. Since we like many other businesses are now taking money to advertise them so we must also comply with normal advertising ethics and policies and advertising restrictions.

What better way to do what we envisioned and have someone else pick up the bills and we manage it and also grow it on our founding ideas and have fun along the way. We both liked that idea and I moved forward. I started using what I knew of good and bad dealerships experiences from my own personal dealings and also others and I went to those business on my time and at my expenses to get us some finical securities to fund the site for is all. This is gonna kick ass!

Each dealer I went to we talked and I told them about the site and its direct marketing values to there local business with our local site and did my business speech and the rest was history. Since then good business have come and gone, good business went bad and I didnít want them back for the way they treated us and sometimes how we treated them..

Well then I started thinking some more and tweaked it from a business stand point.
To cut to the chase, the end result was the same as above criteria to be an advertiser on CLSB.

In order to keep the financial securities coming and or them not wanting to come back or renew or worse yet sue me for slander or what ever just to mess with us or that member thatís said something ďits called black mailing law suitsĒ since Tony and I own the site and also the slandering member might get called into a lawsuit also. ďthatís fucked up and now we could face legal issues since we went from out of pocket to dealing with business that have enough money to bankrupt me till the point ill never own another thing in my lifeĒ scary thought huhĒ?

Welcome to being a business owner. ďLiabilityĒ!!

I thought this might fix all that?

Donít allow members to bash a CLSB advertiser till they fully make all attempts with that business to handle the matter, if they still feel wronged I will intervene if the member asks me too to help resolve the issue to a fair compromise!

As in business sometimes mistakes happens or errors arise instead of letting the members bash you guys out right openly making you look bad wither or not and hopefully they did the right thing which is to discuss and attempt all efforts to work it out with that business before just ranting about it on line to thousands of viewers if not millions of readers.

Most of all if they are a advertiser on CLSB and the customer made all attempts and efforts to try to work out the issue and it wasnít done fairly you feel to the customer and my member of CLSB with a current advertiser! Then I open myself as one of the owners to CLSB and also the person that brought that business on here to help us I will try to use my position to help our member further.

If the member is what I feel fully fucked and treated unfairly I will deal with that member and the business to come to the best solution, if not I will take legal matters into my own hands and deal with it if its not corrected. Which means a variable of things most of all they just lost there advertising rights on CLSB?

I have helped MANY members when they have contacted me to help them. All you have to do is ask me to help you, then if we get no where? Then I suggest POST AWAY your bad experience ill stand right behind you!

This has always been the criteria, and some how I feel it wasnít addressed enough thought time each time we reached so many members.

I blame myself!

So I apologize for the confusion but I also have a life outside of CLSB and sometimes my daily issues get in the way of my total focus on CLSB priorities.

As you can see so far, what once started out as a chat forum for all Tonyís and I envision has grew into something LARGE and also a lot of man power and outside resources to aid its growth and daily operations.

Money is just 1 issue and to me its still the smallest when it comes to managing and helping our community with the admins help with the moderators help and most of all its members help.

It always happens from time to time, I call it good growing pains and as long as it grows and itís a good thing, Tony and I are happy no matter how bald we get stressing out over issues that confronts us.

But we need you as much as you need us, itís a community effort.

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Location: balls deep in someones mom
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Years Riding: a long time!
and in ending

Now I need ideas to possible change the way business gets handled on here:

Ok as hopefully as you see in (growing pains chapter) maybe that cleared it up? I donít know ill start a thread and link it to this to read 1st then take comments and suggestions and see what best advise we can come to as admins and community.

This is my point of view along with Tony I feel.

We donít know what else to do at the time being and we have been racking our brains how we can fund the site and if we can get perks for us for doing all of this along the way. We store money from the advertising to handle bills and also upgrades, and now it has grown to where we are paying for attorney feeís, corporation papers, liability insurance, basically doing everything to make it a business to protect ourselves and our community to keep going. I still at this time donít see another solution and quit honestly this is my best solution to deal with our issues as a whole up to date.

As you know we moderate the site to keep drama to a minimum, stick our noses in to help bring justice to people acting poorly. Make all attempts to keep it as work and family safe as possible. Those are our community standards. These issues will never be over looked and itís the reason we are not like the many dumb ass web sites cluttered with bullshit crap, drama, and porn all over the place.

So on the side of advertising, or censorship there of in regards to all that I have posted I feel I let you guys in on everything I can talk to you all with in regards of how its operated and also a situation that I donít know if can be improved upon?

If you have any suggestions I sure would love to hear them.

WE DO THIS for you guys, not ourselves!

IF I can score some free tires or merchandise along the way kick ass! If I can score some give away items to raffle off kick ass!

As you know we opened donations and are working on creating a perk package for those members that donated to show our thanks to donating for CLSB issues and Tony and I thank you all, and are still working on that donating package.

So please bare with we are trying to get a nice package together for you guys and gals.

But back onto the last issue that faces us all.

I am open minded and open ears to hearing solutions to off set it current advertising issue to another method that is possibly better and will work.

Thanks for taking the time to read, itís what you wanted to know and what I am willing to share with you all.


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Posts: 60,261
Location: balls deep in someones mom
Sportbike: 2010 Electra Glide Police Edition 103cu
Years Riding: a long time!
i wanted to thank you all for your suggestions in the other thread. through MANY private messages and open chatting in a thread i have in tonys comments and suggestion forum.

we have come up with a nice solution i feel is more fair for all including the site owners and management and members.

CLSB is also going to keep its higher standards of member conduct and also thread type post. with that we are going to improve sections of the site that haven't been used in a while or that is lacking.

while all management makes the effort to try and bring the best out and provide for our community.

there has been some lacking issues i have been aware of. thank for the feed back and all the suggestions. some of them were very useful as a members of our site newer and long time members alike.

valid points, valid opinions and suggestions. "tweaking"

later this week myself and tony will sit down and try to perfect this issues.

most of all it will settle all of our stressful issues. some of which if you noticed we need to get back on track about "get more responsibility onto the user since we all are adults"

when we draw up this plan we will implement it. as we already feel this route is the best to date and gives us more a community togetherness with a purpose "by us for us attitude"!

it might not please everyone but it will surely please 99% of the members most of all owners and management which is the majority and majority rules around here. "admins simply enforce them or bring other issues that need to be done that some might not understand" but once again just ask.

so please as i noted if there is anything you would like to suggest, like to understand or know about further please don't hesitate to contact me or tony.

no matter what happens, no matter who or what, we are always here for you to turn to when you need help or answers or just someone to stick there noise in when you need help.

there isn't much at all we wouldn't share with you. its just some of it is drama and well we don't like drama in our open forums, it serves nothing but hatred and that isn't what this site "CLSB" is about.

its about helping your fellow rider and being important within our community.

its going to be up to you now.

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Location: balls deep in someones mom
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Years Riding: a long time!
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