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Phillip Island testing

Day 1 - CE is fastest... let me go on record now and say 04 WILL BE the year of the American in MGP:

Day 1:
1. Edwards (Honda) 1m31.07
2. Gibernau (Honda) 1m31.37
3. Rossi (Yamaha) 1m31.40
4. Biaggi (Honda) 1m31.40
5. Hayden (Honda) 1m31.50
6. Barros (Honda) 1m31.75
7. Tamada (Honda) 1m31.85
8. Xaus (Ducati) 1m32.11
9. Capirossi (Ducati) 1m32.16
10. Bayliss (Ducati) 1m32.45
11. Checa (Yamaha) 1m32.58
12. Melandri (Yamaha) 1m32.58.
13. Hodgson (Ducati) 1m33.18
14. Byrne (Aprilia) 1m33.22
15. McWilliams (Aprilia) 1m33.66
16. Abe (Yamaha) 1m34.40
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from HRC:

Moving on from Malaysia Honda riders attack the Island

It was a pleasant start today to the three-day test taking place for the Honda MotoGP teams and riders this week at the Phillip Island circuit in Australia. With the sun shining throughout the day, and confidence still on a high after a successful three-day session in Malaysia last week, the only element the riders couldn't control was the wind, which gusted, powerfully on occasions, around the coastal track.

Max Biaggi fell foul of the temperature change from Malaysia to the breezy Phillip Island, feeling a little under the weather today with a slight cold. He was as determined as ever on the track though to improve the set-up of his Camel Honda machine, although recognised that the team would need more work for him to feel happy with the bike before they leave the 4,448 metre circuit.

The Telefonica MoviStar pairing of Sete Gibernau and Colin Edwards are still going about their work in a methodical fashion, which has proved fruitful for both so far this pre-season. Edwards in particular today looked at home on the Australian track and set the fastest time of all the riders out on a busy day. Gibernau was close behind, with Biaggi, Nicky Hayden, Alex Barros and Makoto Tamada following in that order in terms of lap times.

Repsol Honda's Hayden, fastest in the last test at Sepang, searched for a better set-up with his Honda after putting in a massive amount of laps, but was still left wanting, whilst team-mate Alex Barros is beginning to shrug off the stiffness around his recovering right shoulder. Finally, Camel Honda's Makoto Tamada has in turn recovered from the bout of flu that struck him in Sepang, only to be affected by a problem out of his control with his tyres.

Colin Edwards - 1m 31.06s +- 70 laps

The bike feels good here, it's like I'm learning more about it every single day, and I get faster with everything I learn, I'm becoming competent with it now! The Aprilia I rode last year was a real handful here; but with all the information from previous years, advice from my crew chief Fabrizio, and the things gathered from Rossi and Gibernau here in the race last year, my Honda was set-up great when I showed up. It's different to the Sepang set-up definitely. The track is special here with all the left-handers, so the Michelins have to cope with that and the heat. I feel they have a lot more to give though, it's just a matter of gathering more data. As I said, I feel good, I don't feel as though I'm in over my head or at the limit yet. I'm just cruising around and I feel there's a lot more time to gain in there.

Sete Gibernau - 1m 31.37s 80 laps

"For sure Phillip Island is not one of my favourite circuits but I put in around 80 laps today, mostly testing tyres for Michelin both fronts and rears. Now I ca say I'm happy with the feeling with he bike on these tyres, and I'm getting comfortable with Phillip Island. We have two more days of testing ahead of us and I'm confident we will be in really good shape when we leave here."

Max Biaggi - 1m 31.40s 75 laps

"Today I was trying to get a good feeling with the set-up of my bike, but I think there's still a few things to improve. We focused on the balance of the machine, trying to get it to corner a little faster. Maybe it's not quite perfect yet, so I have to work on improving it tomorrow. We'll try a different set-up, and with the Michelin 16.5 inch front tyre we'll try and work the bike around it to get a good feeling, and even try some new things with the suspension."

Nicky Hayden - 1m 31.50s. 100 laps

"We tested quite a lot of tyres today and got through quite a bit of work for Michelin. We seemed to go in one direction then tried another - not the greatest of days - but all part of the testin' process. Tomorrow we really want to work on the bikes set-up. I'm not that happy with the way we have it now." "It's been clear and windy today. Nice to get on a new track after being at Sepang for two back-to-back sessions. It's definitely a breath of fresh air to go at it on another circuit and see what carries from one circuit to another."

Alex Barros -1m 31.78s. 80 laps

"Not so bad today - coming better. The lap time is also closer to the first guy and I'm riding more consistently. We're still trying to sort the set-up on the machine. Not yet the way I like it. We still have much to do. The main problem is turning; I still don't feel the machine turns enough so tomorrow we try some different front fork settings and wheel sizes. Today we managed quite a few consecutive laps - sometimes 12 - and the shoulder feels all right. I'm feeling more comfortable on the machine with each day - the more you ride, the more you understand."

Makoto Tamada - 1m 31.85s 56 laps

"I'm pleased about how we've been able to get to work so fast and so well with the new bike - on a track that's so different from Sepang. This is a fast circuit with a very characteristic rhythm, but we quickly adapted my RC211V. We concentrated the development work on the tyres by focusing on a fairly limited number of compounds and the ideal weather conditions came in the afternoon. Over the next two days we'll be able to work out even more precise settings for the bike."

Giulio Bernardelle Technical director for Makoto Tamada - Camel Honda

"I'm really satisfied with the way the rider works, making it possible for us to carry out a targeted search for the perfect settings. We're building on the experience we gained last season in order to achieve an important objective: that of getting onto every single world championship circuit with the right set-up and the right tyres. What we're really concentrating on in these tests is the engine, the electronics, the chassis and the suspension. The 2004 bike gives us greater range of manoeuvre and the research work - adapting the bike to the various circuits - is really exciting."
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Unofficial Day 2 times, where did that Duc come from?!

1. Capirossi (Ducati) 1m30.71
2. Rossi (Yamaha) 1m30.75
3. Gibernau (Honda) 1m30.81
4. Edwards (Honda) 1m30.97
5. Biaggi (Honda) 1m31.07
6. Hayden (Honda) 1m31.18
7. Tamada (Honda) 1m31.25
8. Bayliss (Ducati) 1m31.56
9. Barros (Honda) 1m31.59
10. Xaus (Ducati) 1m31.64
11. Hodgson (Ducati) 1m31.77
12. Melandri (Yamaha) 1m31.70
13. Checa (Yamaha) 1m31.80
14. Abe (Yamaha) 1m33.74

I also read that: Ruben Xaus had a big off during testing at Phillip Island, he went down near the Hayshed. He took a heavy knock and was air-lifted to hospital for observation.

Hope he's OK!!!

EDIT: I read that Ruben was released from the hospital w/brusing. I also read that the police where checking out the accident site?

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Honda teams continue to improve at sun drenched Phillip Island test

Day two of three at Honda's official testing session at the Australian circuit on Phillip Island took place today, with temperatures soaring once more and conditions near perfect for the MotoGP riders who took to the track. The air temperature was recorded at around 25ΊC although it certainly felt a great deal more out of the shade, whilst the track itself fluctuated in temperature between 35Ί and 40Ί depending on the strength of the breezes which continue to blow gently around the picturesque track.

Telefonica MoviStar pairing of Sete Gibernau and Colin Edwards have consistently produced results during recent test sessions, and continued in the same vain today, both posting improved times from yesterday, and proving that they will undoubtedly be in the hunt for the 2004 MotoGP title.

Also sure to be in the title chase are Repsol Honda duo Nicky Hayden and Alex Barros who had their own slight problems today. Hayden, who ran a race distance simulation, was seeking a faster line through two corners, while team debutant Barros spent his time comparing various wheelbase and suspension settings on his RC211V.

Nobody would discount the chances of three-time MotoGP runner-up Max Biaggi in the 16-round series but the Italian is suffering from a cold and did not deliver his best performance today. Biaggi's daring Camel Honda teammate Makoto Tamada, the only RCV rider using Bridgestone tyres, concentrated his efforts on front end of his machine trying various front fork, and a multitude of settings in a bid to find the best tyre - suspension performance.

Sete Gibernau - 1m 30.81s 60 laps

"We made a big improvement in terms of setting up the bike today, just by making some small adjustments to the machine has made a big difference. This hasn't ever been the best track for me, because I've never quite been able to get the right balance on the bike. Usually I've got too much on the front or then on the rear, and not been able to use both wheels at the same time at the critical parts of the track. This time though I'm consistently going well, and that's my goal, to focus on the racing aspect. My concern is to get my pace right, to ride in my own style, and it's coming together here."

Colin Edwards - 1m 30.97s. 58 laps

"Today was awesome, my best day of testing with the Honda so far. I felt good, the bike was good and did a full race simulation of 27 laps. I was about 21 seconds faster than Valentino's time in the race, and we all know he pushed it hard here after that yellow flag. A 1'31.6 must have been my slowest I reckon, it was good, and my best lap of 1'30.97 came on lap three of the simulation, so I was pleased. We made some small gear ratio changes overnight, it wasn't the be all and end all but it certainly helped a bit. This place is fun though and I know it well, when I did the race simulation I just forgot about it and got on with the laps, I soon forgot how many I'd done and it was much easier than say 10 laps at Sepang, I'm just comfortable."

Max Biaggi - 1m 31.07s. 86 laps

"I've spent most of today with a cold to be honest. My temperature's normal, but it's just a bit of a cough and I feel cold all the time. Other than that we have two bikes, one we didn't use because there is a lot of front wheel jumping, like a big chatter. Also in Malaysia we couldn't fix this, it feels like maybe a structural problem or something, maybe with the swinging arm or chassis, we don't know. So yesterday and today I just concentrated on my second bike, which has no chatter, but doesn't quite have the same feeling. I can't go really fast because I don't feel as confident in it. I've tried but it's easy to go straight on. We don't have a spare chassis, and it's no advantage to use one bike. But we'll keep working hard on it tomorrow, and see what we can do. "

Nicky Hayden - 1m 31.18s. 88 laps

"Today was OK but I still would have liked to have made more progress. We've been trying to find a good base set-up after the big tyre test yesterday. We changed things around a little and found a base that worked better although we still tried some more tyres today. I did a long 25- lap run that was faster than my race time (Hayden finished third in the race). I did my best lap time at the end of the day, which is encouraging. I've got a few things to think about tonight - where I can really gain a little time - the S-corner in particular. I want to end the test on a high tomorrow and have a big day - just like the final day in Sepang."

Makoto Tamada - 1m 31.25s. 54 laps

"I've been working on the front fork and tyre settings mainly today, as well as some engine mapping. Our Bridgestone tyres mean that me can't use the same data as the other Honda riders who are all on Michelins, so we've been looking at improving the engine's performance, and especially in finding some more rear wheel grip. When I came here the bike was set-up well, we're just looking to try to improve it. I never get tired of testing and would go on past tomorrow if I could, to make sure we get it all right."

Alex Barros - 1m 31.59s. 88 laps

"Yesterday I made a lot of laps - many of them consecutive - and felt pretty sore this morning with the shoulder. We made quite a few changes on the machine to help it turn better - we use the 16.5 inch front rim - and everything started to feel better and it was possible to go faster. However as the day moved on my shoulder started to feel some pain so I listen to my body. I will take a good rest tonight and use the ice again that helps. Tomorrow we will start with the same settings and hope to finish this important test session in good shape."
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Phillip Island (Australia), 18 February, 2004 - Loris Capirossi powered to the quickest time in today's second day of testing at the Phillip Island circuit in Australia, where the Desmosedici GP4's development programme is continuing. Both Loris Capirossi and Troy Bayliss made major progress from yesterday and the early indications given by the Ducati Marlboro Team riders to the engineers are beginning to confirm the new bike's potential.

Today's weather conditions saw clear skies and a light wind typical of the spectacular Australian circuit, while temperatures were similar to yesterday (air 19° - 25° ; track 21° - 48°).

Loris Capirossi saw all the hard work of the past few days rewarded with a superb lap time of 1'30.71 in his 65 laps. This was not only the best time of the day, but also almost two seconds quicker than yesterday, and just two tenths of a second slower than the time he set in Australian GP qualifying last year on soft tyres. "That was really good" commented Capirossi at the end of today's session. "The changes we made to the set-up confirmed that the bike has great potential. I lapped most of the day with the familiar 17" front tyre to verify the new set-up of the GP4 and it was only towards the end of the session that I used the 16.5" front. Tomorrow I'll concentrate exclusively on this new tyre."

Troy Bayliss also focussed on finding the best set-up for the Desmosedici on his home circuit, the Australian knocking almost a second off yesterday's time. Troy completed 63 laps, recording 1'31.56. "I'm pleased with the progress we made today" declared the Australian. "I'm still missing a bit of feeling with the front, but we're gradually getting there. We're working on it and we know exactly where to intervene to improve the bike."

Tomorrow is the third and final day of testing for the Ducati Marlboro Team, which after returning to Europe will continue its development schedule at the Valencia circuit in Spain on 6-7
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Where the hell is day three FOO!!!?!?!!?!

Thanks for putting this stuff up Steve! Is it coming from the MotoGP site?
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From the MotoGP site.

Honda dominate on final day of key Phillip Island test

The final day of marathon MotoGP testing in Malaysia and Australia ended in Phillip Island today with Honda once again stamping their authority over their rivals with a crushing display of dominance. Just as at Sepang last weekend, the Japanese factory riders were in comfortable and confident mood as they eased to the top of the time sheets, Max Biaggi clocking the best time on the final day with a lap of 1’30.21. Behind Biaggi four out of the following five quickest times were set by Honda riders, the exception being the current World Champion Valentino Rossi on the Yamaha.

“I am really happy with my time today and happy with the work we have done overall,” commented Biaggi. “I was comfortable on one bike but we had a chatter problem and on the second bike it was the other way around - there was no chatter but I was uncomfortable! Anyway, we basically mixed the two bikes up to find a decent compromise and I was able to ride comfortably for a 25 lap race simulation. We have found a structural fault to be the problem in one of the bikes so hopefully this will be resolved for the next test. ”

Team-mates Colin Edwards and Sete Gibernau, second and third fastest respectively today, also carried out a race simulation in the morning and were so happy with the results that they packed up at 12pm.

Back out on the track their Yamaha rivals lapped until the end of the afternoon, in conditions which were more cloudy and slightly cooler than the first two days, with Valentino Rossi finally choosing his favoured engine from a choice of four brought to the test by the factory. The Italian was unable to make any progress on his lap times but later revealed that he was satisfied with the M1’s capacity for future improvement. “Myself and Jeremy (Burgess) have chosen the engine which we think has the most potential,” said Rossi. “It still needs a lot more power but we think we can get that from this engine.”

Aprilia rider Jeremy McWilliams and Ducati’s Ruben Xaus were both absent from the circuit today due to injury. McWilliams flew home early after suffering chronic pain due to the broken rib he sustained in a crash at Sepang, whilst Xaus was observed overnight at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne after suffering bad bruising to his neck and back in a spectacular crash yesterday. Makoto Tamada was at the circuit but did not ride, commenting that his team had completed all the work they had planned for this test.

Unofficial lap times

1. Max Biaggi (Honda): 1’30.21 (62 laps)
2. Colin Edwards (Honda): 1’30.45 (31 laps)
3. Sete Gibernau (Honda) : 1’30.60 (41 laps)
4. Nicky Hayden (Honda): 1’30.68 (83 laps)
5. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha): 1’30.80 (78 laps)
6. Alex Barros (Honda): 1’30.88 (74 laps)
7. Loris Capirossi (Ducati): 1’30.97 (56 laps)
8. Troy Bayliss (Ducati): 1’31.64 (68 laps)
9. Carlos Checa (Yamaha): 1’31.96 (92 laps)
10. Marco Melandri (Yamaha): 1’32.00 (80 laps)
11. Shane Byrne (Aprilia): 1’32.28 (67 laps)
12. Neil Hodgson (Ducati): 1’32.44 (64 laps)
13. Norick Abe (Yamaha): 1’33.76 (80 laps)

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sorry I've been slacking Jack - the time difference confuses me and I forget what day it is And yeah - all that stuff is just the factory press releases from

Here is the Ducati release:

Phillip Island (Australia), 19 February 2004 - The third and final day of testing for the Ducati Marlboro Team at Phillip Island, Australia saw the squad complete the work schedule for the new Desmosedici GP4 and gather a series of vital data for the Italian V4 bike's development. Both Troy Bayliss and Loris Capirossi carried out a massive amount of work over the three days, and the Ducati Marlboro Team preferred to focus on testing radically different set-ups rather than going all out for the quickest times. The search for a balanced set-up which can be a good benchmark for all circuits is fundamental for championship preparation and the tests revolved around this.

A vital contribution in this test period for the development of the new bike has also come from technical partners Shell Advance and Michelin. The Ducati Marlboro Team is now returning to Europe to allow the engineering staff led by Filippo Preziosi to analyse all the information accumulated during these tests and will return to the track at Valencia, Spain on March 6-7.

Weather conditions continued to be warm and sunny throughout the day with a light breeze in the afternoon (air 19° - 22° ; track 21° - 44°).

Loris Capirossi, who yesterday had the satisfaction of being the quickest rider around the track, today completed a total of 56 laps, with a best time of 1'30.97. The Italian rider continued to focus on finding the best feeling with the new 16.5" front tyre, and was just two-tenths of a second away from yesterday's time. "I am quite pleased with the way today's testing went" declared Capirossi. "I did my quickest laps in the morning, while in the afternoon I lost a little bit of feeling with the front, but for the moment it's OK. We've done a lot of work over the past two weeks. The GP4 is a new bike and it is already giving us a lot of satisfaction despite being at the start of its development phase."

Troy Bayliss completed 68 laps, setting a best time of 1'31.64. The Australian carried out a series of long runs to verify the set-up of his Desmosedici, and put in considerable mileage to get used to the new 16.5" front tyre. "I am satisfied with the work we did in the morning" declared Troy. "We tested a number of different settings, but I still can't get used to the 16.5" front. We did a lot of work in six days and although my times aren't what I wanted, it's not the most important thing at this stage. These tests were aimed at developing the bike and finding the best possible set-up."
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