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Get Out of Harms Way <rant>

I'd like to get something off my chest... This has nothing to do with the other accidents we're talking about, but I was reminded by a recent e-mail from a family member of someone who crashed this past weekend at the races.

I've seen a lot of stuff at the track and one thing I'd like to tell people, is that if/when you crash, please get yourself to safe location ASAP. By all means, if you're hurt, stay down and help will come to you. But more often than not, when I see someone crash they linger around the crash area and even remove their helmet, sit on their bike, etc. I once saw a guy crash, his bike laying in the middle of a live track, start walking down track looking for I don't know what, his keys? I mean, we can laugh about it, but believe me, we wouldn't be laughing if he would have been hit.

This past weekend I saw a bad crash. There was oil on the track, in the braking zone of one of the fastest parts of the track. A guy crashed hard, bike flipped several times, and went off track. Thankfully the rider got up but as he stayed around his bike I saw another bike out of the corner of my eye lose his front under braking in the oil. The rider faught the bike and as I yelled to the previous rider to get back the second rider went off track and began to tumble as the bike flipped and created a dust storm. The bike and rider flew right past the first crash site and amazingly, thank God, didn't hit the first rider. It all happened so fast, it was eerily similar to that SuperSport oil crash last year when one rider's bike just skimmed the helmet of another rider.

Anyways, that's my rant, FWIW. If possible, get yourself out of harms way. Don't cross a live track, but try and get behind a guard rail, out of the probable trajectory of a subsequent crash, or at least a safe distance.


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i couldn't agree with you more..


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good post !

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this is EXACTLY why i love this site and the peeps involved with it...peeps look out for 1 another and give what ever knowledge or wisdom they have to as many as possible. thats what keeps me round!!!

thanx for the good advice and sorry bout the "show some love reply"

now if i can only make it to a trackday to use some of the damn good advice that ive been givin

I am what I am, and I do what I do!!
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Unfortunately, more often than not a rider is not thinking clearly in those first minutes post-crash... especially if they have sustained a head injury. It's amazing what people will do while under the influence of adrenaline and/or shock.

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Good advice
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I wonder if training, discipline and practice matter. Because the world class pros (not talkign AMA...more MotoGP) crash all time, but I've rarely seen them do anything stupid afterwards. They are so focused on getting back on their bike. I do see them however, trying to stand up too soon on several occasions however.
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Like Kim said. Sometime you got to get your bearings straight after you crashed. After my crash in 4 Only thing that came to my mind was "tires good" and used them to climb up.


But this really gets me as a cornerworker. We are there to HELP you guys when you crash, not pick your damn bike up while you crahs and walk away pissed off. We didnt drop it on the ground in the first place. If you are fine, help pick the bike up. If you are hurt, we'll pick it up but otherwise HELP THEM. When a cornerworker tells you to stand somewhere, do it. Dont go wandering around. Always keep an eye out for bikes that might crahs while you are waiting for the race to end.

Now on to spectators....STAY THE FUCK OFF THE TRACK!!!! Apparently some spectators in T1 sunday decided to try to help and ran out to the track surface. You arent trained as a cornerworker and are not listed as working even if you are trained, you have no business on a hot track. I had to yell at someone in T7 after Moore went down in T7 and got trapped under his SV. We had a guy ask to watch his friend from our stand (which wasnt a problem with us) and when Moore went down I went out to get ready to cross and this asshat followed me. We dont need to babysit spectators. THe racers are our concern. And DONT FUCKING BLOCK THE GATES, ACCESS ROADS AND THE AMBULANCE AREA with your damn cars or you'll get towed like that idiot did on sunday. Hell saturday when I was working turn 1 I had to chase some 10-12 yr old on a bicycle who rode up to the other station in turn 1.

Parents, control your kids when they are at the track. When its packed like it was this past weekend, put the bicycles up. Race vehicles have right of way at the track, not pedestrians.

Keep the kids OFF MOTORIZED VEHICLES. You cannot ride ANY motorized vehicle at BHF unless you are either a licensed racer or hold a VALID drivers license. Also pit vehicles are not to be used to goof around. We dont need an ambulance picking up some idiot who crashed doing a wheelie or racing around in the infield. Honestly I wish security would just confiscate them after someones been told many many times to stop it. They can get them back after the races sunday night then. Then again, maybe they should just make it a track rule that only racers and uniformed crew are allowed to have pit vehicles like some tracks do. Even CCS rules state pit vehicles are to have the competiton number on th front of pit vehicles. Members of your party screwing around can get the racer fined and/or suspended. Thats in the rule book, think about that for a minute.

I've said my peace. Just wish people at the track would think before doing some of the crap they've pulled this year.
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