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  1. poll: time for a new poll
  2. Do you snore?
  3. Heelp me Decide
  4. Conservative or Liberal or somewhere in between?
  5. Are these inappropriate words?
  6. Smoking Survey
  7. Favorite Sex finale poll
  8. crap on face
  9. toilet survey
  10. Republican or Democrat???
  11. Do you like the new facebook news feed?
  12. how you wear yo socks
  13. fall of 2012 should we keep the 555 butheads in DC
  14. At what price for gas do you make a change in lifestyle?
  15. Whats truly worse
  16. ECU GSXR Flash
  17. What would be worse?
  18. Who still uses MySpace?
  19. Casino Games
  20. Do you support death penalty.
  21. Would you use a groupon on a date?
  22. Does size matter?
  23. What Brand Helmet Do You Wear?
  24. Is a Ducati Monster a "Sportbike"?
  25. Ever wondered "man i wish i was single and not married!!!!!"?
  26. Infidelity- Who has cheated on a Significant Other?
  27. Just a liitle shocked
  28. Hows my dictate?
  29. Poll: LeBron back to Chicago?
  30. How often do you "smoke"?
  31. which would you have sex with?
  32. Full sleeve Tats
  33. Missed call poll.
  34. Will Hitman get his Challenger?
  35. donation poll
  36. Are you a low baller?
  37. Who do you pray to at night?
  38. Significant Other or Pet
  39. Do you wish you could get a career mulligan?
  40. Level of education
  41. Books Smarts vs Street Smarts
  42. how many times till you give up
  43. How many miles this year?
  44. The right thing?
  45. Sloppy Joes, love em or hate em?
  46. Ducati owners only; do you use Mac or PC?
  47. What brand tires do you roll with and why?
  48. Sox vs. Cubs
  49. Insurance questions
  50. Poll: 2009 GSXR 1000 or 2009 CBR 1000RR? Help me choose!
  51. Six Flags
  52. Art opinions
  53. Group or Solo?
  54. Worldly Alignment?
  55. antivirus monitoring, avast vs. AVG
  56. Do you pee in the shower?
  57. Do you own your bike(s) outright?
  58. Mint or Wasabi
  59. Getting a New Bike...Which One?
  60. Dunlop Qualifiers or Pilot Powers??
  61. Do you own a firearm?
  62. Zombies or Vampires?
  63. What are you feeding your pets?
  64. space between teeth...HOT or NOT NWS-ish
  65. Flo (Progressive Girl) hot or not????
  66. Lincoln's BDay or Presidents Day
  67. Vegas or Hawaii??
  68. Plaaace your bets! Who do you think will win??
  69. if you found 100K found in abandoned tire (would you turn it in)
  70. should he be BANNED?
  71. Do you have to work on MLK Day?
  72. Are you going to work today?
  73. Are you cutting household and personal expenses?
  74. How much is your gym membership?
  75. Economy in the tank. You still buying?
  76. 17th Annual Pumpkin carving contest, "need your votes to pick a winner"
  77. Does your computer have a floppy drive?
  78. are you still on dial-up
  79. Do you wear a helmet?
  80. Who will win a World Series title first?
  81. What kind of Rider are you?
  82. Is Mort asking too many stupid things?
  83. Should we change the BOTW?
  84. Should We Eliminate the Rep System?
  85. What web browser do you use / prefer? Poll
  86. College Football
  87. Is it alright for a man to hit a woman?
  88. An Eye for an Eye OR Turn the Other cheek
  89. Are you left or right-handed?
  90. Excessive Speeding
  91. Greatest Cowboy
  92. Do you drink alcohol?
  93. Is it acceptable to have ONE beer during lunch?
  94. So, how many of you have model bikes at your workspaces?
  95. Best Coen Bros. Movie....
  96. Best Tarantino Film
  97. do you want to keep the "Hot Woman with Hot bikes" forum? **VOTE**
  98. What's worse: Theater Musical or Sex and the City
  99. Ever have a 1 night stand?
  100. POLL: Price Honoring?
  101. Streaker's Party
  102. how many scooter owners do we have?
  103. Is Raiders the best?
  104. Anyone ever use an Escort?
  105. What brand bike you ridin?
  106. What Newspaper Do You Read
  107. Motion Lotion
  108. Gear color
  109. How much do you pay for your dry cleaning?
  110. What to buy?
  111. Let the mob decide
  112. Married Guys and Porn?
  113. Office Politics
  114. Who's a Polak?
  115. Ever type a response and NOT hit send?
  116. number plate.. or not?
  117. XM radio....worth the $$$ yay/nay
  118. VanHalen
  119. Are You a Hobby Snob?
  120. Earth Hour
  121. Do you have to work Easter Sunday?
  122. You decide
  123. Which Bike?
  124. Reputation Points or Compliment?
  125. HMO or PPO
  126. My next bike: POLL
  127. Drinking and riding
  128. Photo Contest Poll
  129. Do you snore?
  130. Peter Griffin -vs- Homer Simpson
  131. TV Switch
  132. How much does your wife spend on her getting her hair done?
  133. Hookers lol lmao!
  134. Have you dropped your bike
  135. Which
  136. Which Body Part
  137. Lunch Time Convo Today
  138. Is 6 yrs old to young for a Bon Jovi concert?
  139. Where does your party affiliation fall into.
  140. Can Mao and Burntass go one week without bickering?
  141. Phoenix, Arizona vs Chicago, IL
  142. Logtar's next Avatar
  143. Help save a life.....?
  144. Do you read books?
  145. Have you ever been in a fight?
  146. Thanksgiving Who Cooks
  147. Kick Ass Movie Fights
  148. Oil changes.....
  149. Season ending
  150. Can Moparboyy go 30 days w/o alcohol?
  151. Are you a member of the AMA?
  152. Who's Got a Cold?
  153. Proposition for a new poll.
  154. Best Vampire Movie
  155. Not the smartest poll ever, but.
  156. Who has the worst luck?
  157. Maynard for president '07
  158. how long do i last before i break down and KILL DA WABBIT!!
  159. Whislte or scream like a horndog?
  160. Barry Bonds 756
  161. would you like a thread started about you if you had an accident on the bike?
  162. Bachelor Breakfast this morning
  163. Who has to work the 4th of July?
  164. Original Lineup
  165. Do you "shower beer"??
  166. above ground pool oval or round?
  167. Do You Give to Charity(s)
  168. Who does Shelly have a crush on?
  169. Car - Poll.
  170. How much RWHP are you getting from your stickers?
  171. Should Jammin get rid of his stupid blue and white Gixxer?
  172. leathers
  173. Favorite Cut of Meat?
  174. How Do you Knot your Tie?
  175. how do you see well?
  176. Change ThePro's name?
  177. helmet brand?
  178. friday fun poll
  179. Global Warming
  180. Who's sick of Cicada face on the home Page??
  181. "Ride out West" 5/27 ...fast or slow?
  182. How many times would you say?
  183. Could you swallow a rubberband???
  184. Poll:whitewater rafting
  185. Star Wars First Run
  186. Buy or Lease an automobile?
  187. What is your mortage payment?
  188. Satellite for the house
  189. Gixxers: Do they rule?
  190. Which helmet should I choose?
  191. your favorite season is:
  192. To Superbowl or not to Superbowl ...that is the question
  193. New Bike? Clsb Help Me Out
  194. Your level of education
  195. Play Of The Game.
  196. Your favorite "Girl Next Door"
  197. When do you open Gifts?
  198. Christmas Shopping: One for you and one for me
  199. Email, Voice Mail, or In-Person
  200. Sunday night random poll
  201. Do you like to give or get?
  202. Was motorcycle awareness a part of your driver's ed curriculum?
  203. Favorite Christmas Movie?
  204. What to get XBox 360 or PS3
  205. Real or Fake tree.
  206. What does CLSB need more of ?? For real.
  207. What would you do?
  208. Getting it on (ladies, not for ya, sorry)
  209. Vote for governor.
  210. Who carved the better Halloween pumpkin?
  211. Best racing to watch?
  212. Which Guy are You
  213. How many kids do you have?
  214. iPod research
  215. Vacation time at work
  216. Ever get the itch....
  217. Turning the best lap at BHF?
  218. If you ABSOLUTLY had to???
  219. Do you have to work today, Labor Day?
  220. Do you have vehicle payments?
  221. Which plates should I get?
  222. Enjoy a cool drag of the leavy stuff?
  223. Have you ever had your bike stolen?
  224. How much do you spend on takeout food weekly?
  225. which bike and why
  226. Which car and why?
  227. Gas saving cage?
  228. Sept. flat 4 tour - vote 4 dinner!!!
  229. Sept. flat 4 tour - vote 4 location!!!
  230. Favorite/Best Energy Drink
  231. Which Are You
  232. Track Riders, Racers, Both on CLSB?
  233. How much would you pay...
  234. how many hours of sleep do you get each night?
  235. Who Rides Mountain Bikes On CLSB?
  236. Wheels off ebay or tire changer?
  237. Which one of the Fantanas would you hit?
  238. yes i delete my other poll, i dont need it anymore
  239. would'nt you wanna bitch slap someone over this?
  240. How much have you splurged on concert tickets?
  241. How much would you spend on jeans?
  242. Are you scared of Spiders?
  243. Do you Rent or Own?
  244. Main Reason you ride what you ride.
  245. Track Boots
  246. Are you a helmet Nazi?
  247. How many years at work
  248. Have you changed your driving habits due to rising gas prices?
  249. For the Ladies only
  250. Original Trilogy Favorite