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  1. Even back then they knew
  2. Wow!
  3. Throw them all out.
  4. And this buffoon wants to be the commander in chief
  5. How the hell did he get out?
  6. The end of the world is coming!
  7. WTF - another nutjob!
  8. When will it end?
  9. If Bachman had a twin...
  10. "Occupying Teacher Pensions"
  11. Student Payoffs
  12. Why doesnt some nutjob put a cap in his ass!
  13. Perry's 20/20 vs. Cain's 9-9-9?
  14. Flat Tax Idiot Politicians
  15. Harp 2
  16. 9-9-9
  17. Our boys and girls are comin home
  18. Are all unions this stubborn?
  19. Is Herman Cain Pro choice?
  20. Cash deemed illeagal in Lousiana.
  21. Gadhafi captured, possibly killed
  22. Ron Paul proposes $1 trillion in spending cuts
  23. Obama sucks!
  24. wall street protest- a different view
  25. Roger Williams for Congress
  26. are you a 'conservative' and vote for Herman Cain? you are a rasicst.
  27. Dont People have more important shit to worry about?
  28. More liberal bullshit from CNN
  29. Anyone else listen to AM Hate radio?
  30. IDOTs new "jobs"
  31. Occupy Wall Street- AKA Hipsters getting BEAT DOWN.
  32. Tollway lawsuit
  33. are we doomed sept26th ?
  34. Holy shit..when is this movie coming out?
  35. Show and tell
  36. $16 Muffins
  37. Medal of Honor for Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer
  38. Obama's uncle let go after DUI
  39. Yet another great Cali Law Proposal!
  40. Another Great SF Story!
  41. GOP Operative who left.
  42. Obama's Labor Secretary Brags About Owning US Made Car... Made In Canada!
  43. Good Read!
  44. Another stupid lawsuit...
  45. Emergency Funds.
  46. Interesting stats on Middle class!
  47. Gibson Guitars raided by the feds.
  48. John Stossel reports
  49. Our tolls just went UP. Boycott the tollway
  50. 5.9 quake in Virginia
  51. Rick Perry for President
  52. Yeah boi!!!!
  53. Communists?
  54. US Debt Crisis Explained
  55. Another one!
  56. Dylan Ratigan's Epic Rant
  57. Wall Steet reform needed
  58. Warren Jeffs' family portrait (50 wives)
  59. Chicago needs a mayor like this guy!
  60. 31 Americans Killed as Taliban Shoot Down a Copter
  61. Finally...a Republican with balls
  62. dow jones down 500 points
  63. Down down over 500 today
  64. R/C Truck saves Soldiers Lives...
  65. Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is
  66. This sums it up
  67. Cheap BJs in Boystown!
  68. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming
  69. Obama gives libya away
  70. Another asshole nut job?
  71. Ya gotta love S.F.!
  72. What a lying c**t
  73. Norway bombed!
  74. ***TAKE ACTION*** OHV Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act
  75. Phone-hacking whistle-blower found dead
  76. The Most Socialist states In America
  77. Murder or self defense?
  78. Australian law cracks down on veil wearing muslims.
  79. Rob... Need a translation.
  80. Unemployment back to 9.2%
  81. hehehehehe Obama gets his
  82. Boheka
  83. FYI: Backseat passengers must wear seatbelts
  84. Blago Verdict-Predictions?
  85. Should cigarettes packs carry graphic images?
  86. Media Bias: The Book
  87. Canadians are violent like animals
  88. WTF! The Judicial System sucks!
  89. Illinois Sucks!
  90. Chemtrails
  91. China warns U.S. debt-default idea is "playing with fire"
  92. Holy Crap
  93. Green vs Green
  94. weiner pics
  95. The truth
  96. Loser pays (and who knew Chuck Norris could write?)
  97. Sarah Palin Recounts Paul Revere's Famous ride
  98. Dr. Kevorkian dead
  99. Congress Reverses "Wilderness Designation Policy"
  100. Jello musta met Craze out in S.F.!
  101. A few words of Wisdom
  102. Another SWAT fQck up...
  103. When liberals are left unchecked: Part IIIIIIIIII
  104. When liberals are left unchecked III: $2M Lottery winner legally receives Food Stamps
  105. End of the World: this Saturday
  106. The Contradictory Conservation Movement
  107. Let it Begin...
  108. Donald Trump will not be our Savior
  109. Taliban @Twitter
  110. When liberals are left unchecked
  111. Pro-Jobs but does that work?
  112. Congress and oil subsidies
  113. Subprime Housing: Here we go again!
  114. housing market just keeps going south.
  115. Inside Job
  116. Police Are Awesome
  117. Pakistan army wants cuts in US military personnel
  118. Release the Photos?
  119. Credit Due To Obama
  120. capitalism and socialism
  121. Amish Organized crime ring busted by Feds
  122. Obama Administration Banishes Reporter
  123. Obama wants to give all illegals amnesty
  124. Barneys press conference yesterday....
  125. Only in San Francisco
  126. Economy doomed via hyper-inflation?
  127. Atlas Shrugged movie
  128. Gary Johnson announces GOP bid
  129. Why are our politicians so untouchable?
  130. unemployment so bad
  131. S&P cuts U.S. outlook to negative on fiscal worry
  132. its all the iPads fault!
  133. What's the hardest working country?
  134. Is this really neccessary?
  135. Which Politician said that?!
  136. The Budget Speech - Ongoing
  137. is this for real? come on now!!!
  138. Justin Bieber breaks Netanyahu's heart :*(
  139. WE have to do one thing and the congress does something else
  140. 6 pages of Obamacare = 429 pages of regulations
  141. trump still on obama's ass
  142. 2012 (end of days)
  143. Govt shut down
  144. i love Daley the hypocrite
  145. You have a state right? not in chicago.
  146. We lost a hero today
  147. Death threats against Quran-burning pastor
  148. 1000 years of war
  149. So Unbelievable it Deserves its Own Thread
  150. Why the US is f'ed, in a nutshell
  151. Government Motors Profitibility - The Real Story
  152. Good news, Chicago jobless rate dropping
  153. Political News Quiz
  154. still dont like him.
  155. GE’s $0 tax bill
  156. Budget Woes and the Senate Plan
  157. So Democrats?
  158. Wow...
  159. The Price of Taxing the Rich
  160. lybia V iraq
  161. Is this video a repost? CAGW
  162. Mistress of Disaster for FBI head
  163. Baahahahaha!
  164. obama maybe impeached?
  165. Budget-busting station named for Biden
  166. Operation ODYSSEY
  167. Donald Trump for president
  168. Libya's got it coming
  169. President lightweight - condescending and arrogant on Japan
  170. and its starting.. good job Quinn!
  171. Sweet Irony
  172. Strange news from Afganistan. Itis not gay if
  173. Some people just need to DIE!
  174. Iraqi Patriot Missile Defense System
  175. Zombies!!! Well Zombie Ants
  176. Now It's Complete Disrespect To The Last WWI Vet
  177. Fired workers burn Indian executive to death
  178. Dawkins TED Speech
  179. Unrest in Lybia ***NWS***
  180. WTF _ Again!
  181. It's time to Drill
  182. Bitch that left toddlers alone in daycare that burned flees
  183. Government Efficiency...
  184. Christian foster couple lose 'homosexuality views' case
  185. Cops raid house, shoot caged dogs.
  186. government loves high gas prices
  187. for the people that forgot
  188. ATF Supplying Firearms to Mexico Cartels
  189. college student arrested for being a terrorist
  190. What One Giveth and the Other Taketh Away
  191. Dems Urge President to Tap US Oil Reserves
  192. Wow!
  193. Well heres the death panels they were talking about!
  194. teachers need to learn
  195. mayor emanuel
  196. 4 American hostages killed by pirates
  197. Nascar more important than PBS; Planned Parenthood
  198. 111 charged in Medicare scams worth $225 million
  199. Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza Chain Giordano’s Enters Bankruptcy
  200. Wisconsin Votes on Major Union Reform Bill
  201. You cant make this shit up!
  202. Unbelievable
  203. Now I am scared!
  204. The New Budget...they just still don't get it.
  205. Tax hike not enough, quinn wants more
  206. Anti gun senator shoots intruder
  207. ***TAKE ACTION*** Flowers Introduces Prohibition on Youth Riding – Again!
  208. For all the barry O fans out there - Heres your change!
  209. remember that 1st time buyer IRS tax credit? LMFAO!!!!
  210. See Chicago, no problems with guns
  211. IQ Question?
  212. WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets
  213. Loose Change producer arrested
  214. Well, that's it...State Tax Hike Kicked In
  215. How to Tax The Rich
  216. Repeal the tax hike petition!
  217. Egypt Unplugs internet
  218. Viva La Revolucion!
  219. Michele Bachman is Confused About Slavery
  220. State of the Union - BS
  221. Rahm is out!!! (for now)
  222. Here we go, Now the russians are gonna be pissed!
  223. Trendy to donate overseas
  224. San Fran Pays out Cost of Living Bonuses - $170 Million
  225. States to Declare Bankruptcy??
  226. WKUK - Clint Webb for Senator
  227. House Bill Proposes $2.5 Trillion in Spending Cuts
  228. ***TAKE ACTION*** "Kids Just Want to Ride" Act
  229. Apologies from Alabama...
  230. "A kosher version of the Sopranos" - Rahm
  231. Im F**in Sick to my stomach!
  232. Church & State, a little separation please
  233. A Victory for the OHV World
  234. Hu's visit
  235. A Presidential Act or Double Talk??
  236. Stone him already
  237. Russia backs independent Palestine
  238. Right to protect your own life for 2011
  239. Taxpayers pay $1billion for nothing (what else is new?)
  240. so who is ready to join a protest rally DT if there was one started?
  241. Death Penalty in IL
  242. Obama says France is now our greatest ally
  243. Illinois
  244. Major Dick Winters passed away Jan. 2
  245. Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans
  246. AZ Congresswoman Shot, 6 Others
  247. Seems arizona folks are getting restless
  248. NWS Why is Jenna Bush a TV correspondent? NWS
  249. Illinois Income Tax to be Raised 75%
  250. another fine example of love, peace & tolerance!