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  1. Seal Team 4 Commander Fired
  2. VIDEO: 10 North Naples Middle students suspended for taking part in “kick a Jew day”
  3. SEALS charged with Assault after Detaining a Most Wanted Terrorist
  4. Dont mention Christmas........
  5. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
  6. New law
  7. SNL...BHO and China. Actually funny
  8. Quinn is seeepy....
  9. Only in the US....Unique homecoming to Vietnam for US commander
  10. Cable news, ummmm, news.
  11. Ethics panel admonishes Burris over Senate appointment
  12. Philip Morris ordered to pay $300 million to smoker
  13. Obama Bows to another king -yet again!
  14. Recovery chief: Yeah, I can’t back up those numbers
  15. Soviet/US comparison in Afghanistan
  16. Good news: Obama creates 30 new jobs in one congressional district. Bad news...
  17. GM loses $1.2B last quarter, ready to start repaying loans
  18. Discuss Asia.
  19. Terrorists in Gitmo to IL??
  20. So,what is he picking off the floor this time?
  21. Obama YouTube
  22. Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth
  23. EDITORIAL: Exporting auto-bailout cash
  24. Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum
  25. New York Rep tries to Force Closure of ORV Land in Utah
  26. Motorcyclit related forum or..?
  27. ACORN...Seriously?
  28. To All the Obamatons in denial!
  29. Stimulus job boost in state exaggerated, review finds (again)
  30. Illegal Alien Amnesty Provisions?!
  31. Wtf!
  32. Recycling
  33. Chicago Mayor Daley Blames Fort Hood On America’s Love Of Guns!
  34. The new jihadi code
  35. Va. gov clears way for DC sniper's execution
  36. U.S. says can give Iran time to okay nuclear deal
  37. First amendment anyone?
  38. Are these real or fake?
  39. ABC: FBI knew Hasan tried to contact Al-Qaeda
  40. acceptable ways to beat your wife
  41. Does your butt hurt?
  42. Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists
  43. Teabaggers provide more comedy
  44. Reason for last few posts
  45. Should zombie marriage be legal?
  46. More change.
  47. Illinois data on stimulus-related jobs saved, created don't add up
  48. HHS to Create a National Resource Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender E
  49. Same Sex Marriage ?
  50. Ya gotta love this!
  51. Saudi Justice
  52. NEA - Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer
  53. Ford workers reject contract changes
  54. For Fox Sake
  55. Elizabeth Smart interview
  56. GMAC Asks for Fresh Lifeline
  57. Living "green"
  58. Rats! City to Pay for Informing on Tax Cheats
  59. Government widens control over paychecks
  60. California (CARB) is just freaking nuts
  61. message from 1948
  62. How to Pay Your Debt
  64. Go Charles!
  65. Judge denies marriage licensce to interracial couple
  66. Romer: Impact of stimulus will level off
  67. I f*ckin knew it!
  68. The Happiest people on earth!
  69. its not world news but...
  70. dead mule
  71. Sounds like Chavez to Me!
  72. Hope and Change!
  73. Good news: Baucus’s ObamaCare bill clocks in at a cool 1,502 pages
  74. No extra troops to Afghanistan, says Sarkozy
  75. First hard stimulus data finds 30,000 jobs saved or created
  76. Is he wrong or right?
  77. Toymaker releases Michelle Obama doll...
  78. Last ditch effort by insurers to scare people about the public option
  79. Looks like some of Chill's buddies are pissed about Global Warming
  80. Soldier dies after receiving smoker's lungs
  81. Job data to show stimulus aided teachers, laborers
  82. Amazing insurance denial
  83. The Pledge
  84. President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  85. Ted kennedy: "i slept with over a thousand women!!"
  86. NASA is bored
  87. Well, yeah, Illinois is screwed up.
  88. New Healthcare message
  89. Pirates attack wrong ship
  90. Climate Change
  91. illinois new fees
  92. Apple Leaves U.S. Chamber Over Its Climate Position
  93. glen beck is a mormon?
  94. Patriotic Dissent, Circa 2007
  95. Pelosi says new tax is 'on the table'
  96. abc and muslim experiment
  97. Norway ranked the best place to live.
  98. Yey Capitalism
  99. Religious Ornaments Banned From Annual Capital Christmas Tree This Year
  100. Missing Link isn't missing anymore
  101. Step aside asians, we have a new candiate for penis jokes
  102. Obama's Generation Y is more like gen zzzZzz
  103. U.S. Commander of Afghanistan only talked to Obama once
  104. Bill Clinton speaks of vast, right-wing conspiracy
  105. antichrist
  106. Poland OKs forced castration
  107. The DebtCar
  108. Best Statement Ever!
  109. The U.N.'s Next Test...
  110. Kids sing praise to OBAMA in School!
  111. stossel heads to Fox!
  112. There Goes The Poultry Industry!
  113. Liberal crystal ball = Canada
  114. Calif. automaker receives $528.7 million govt loan
  115. We Salute Mr. Tax-Law-Writing-Tax-Evader
  116. Classy Fox News
  117. Hollywood Libs get something right
  118. Nigeria, Grow UP!!
  119. Joker Socialism Pic
  120. Agenda 21? , whats your thoughts of a new world coming?
  121. Left-wing argument flow chart
  122. Obama’s solution on illegals and health care? Amnesty
  123. Former CIA Directors Urge Obama to Reconsider
  124. Obama is giving his first Medal of Honor
  125. Bend over Poles and Czechs
  126. IED Detonates Prematurely
  127. Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year
  128. Orly?
  129. HA HA HA - Hope and Change!
  130. World celebrities sing to stop global warming
  131. Obama
  132. ACORN: Big Apple, Big Pimping
  133. bank bailouts and APRs confuse me.
  134. Blago aid that may have testified dies...hummmm.
  135. New York's Sept 11 museum to display hijacker perspective
  136. Wtf! MOM RAPES SON!
  137. Yet Another Resignation...
  138. Pro-Life Advocate Murdered Outside Michigan School While Protesting Abortion
  139. Smith&Wesson financials for First Quarter Fiscal 2010
  140. Oh tea-baggers, will your irony ever stop?
  141. mexican airplane being hijacked 9/9/09
  142. Remember, BHO listened to this guy for 20 years...
  143. When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated, held hearings
  144. Would Jesus be against heth care?
  145. The Deficits are Coming!
  146. This is SCARY!!!
  147. Pizza Ordering - 2012
  148. Obama sure can pick 'em.....
  149. Great stress reliever!
  150. Obama to Address Students 9/8/09 12ET
  151. Only in america, literally
  152. Social Security Statement
  153. Chicago most stressed city
  154. Experts see double-digit Dem losses
  155. Give president emergency control of Internet?
  156. Obama and Change
  157. Health Insurance and Motorcycling
  158. IFB asking to conceal carry
  159. Gotta a Smoke!
  160. douchebag does himself a favor
  161. Move Shifts Interrogation Oversight From the CIA to the White House
  162. Man found dead in portable restroom near O'Hare
  163. Canadians Crossing Border for U.S. Health Care
  164. Air America comes around
  165. 5,000 people are about to have a very bad day today
  166. How old is Obama?
  167. Giving back to her country
  168. Remember when . . .
  169. Death Sentence?
  170. They let Squeaky' Fromme out of jail today
  171. Political Cartoons
  172. 60% of Bankruptcies due to Health Care Bills
  173. Fairness Doctrine Raises Its Ugly Head Under New FCC “Diversity Czar”
  174. Cash for Clunkers...what Cash???
  175. Officials see rise in militia groups across U.S.
  176. "Thank God for Obama. He's looking out for us."
  177. States With the Worst Speeding Ticket Fines
  178. Insurgents caught by US Forces placing IED
  179. Equal bashing.
  180. Lawsuit Seeks Right to Carry Concealed Weapons in the District
  181. Something to consider...
  182. Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected
  183. Ethics in the Workplace - Political Petitioning
  184. Payrolls fall less in July, jobless rate eases
  185. Obama's dissident database could be secret -- and permanent
  186. More gay angst
  187. New Taxes
  188. Health Care Misinformation
  189. Interesting Article on Obama Poll Numbers
  190. Judy Biggert and Health Care Reform
  191. Barney Frank: Yes, a public plan will lead to a government takeover of health care
  192. Well, that didn't last long...
  193. Preview: Beer summit
  194. What governs breaks taken by congress?
  195. Hopenchange working for Beretta & Ruger!
  196. Fox News never ceases to entertain
  197. healthcare reform
  198. Musta been upset over health care!
  199. Support the constitution or............
  200. Secret Service
  201. I figured out why you're all nuts
  202. The UK bans fire extinguishers
  203. jon stewart - the most trusted newsman
  204. The Health Care Petition
  205. Global Cooling
  206. Americans getting big dose of President Obama
  207. White House putting off budget update
  208. Intersting info on uninsured
  209. Hey Liberals - Maybe we can talk reason with these kind of people!
  210. rapid evolution is depleting male chromosome genes
  211. Obama vs Obama on the Stimulus
  212. Obamas recent speech
  213. Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’
  214. This just made me giggle a bit
  215. 100 million$ budget cut in scale
  216. Obama mulls rental option for some homeowners-sources
  217. The national debt movie
  218. Good Read for conservatives!
  219. Where was the MSM on this one?
  220. Sotomayor Approval?
  221. AP source: Holder considering torture probe
  222. Scholar: NKorea wants US show of remorse
  223. Schaumburg's 12% restaurant tax is the nations highest
  224. wait what?
  225. Google takes aim at Microsoft with new PC platform
  226. Burris to not seek re-election?
  227. Caption this pics
  228. White House denies manufacturer's boast that First Lady carried their $5,950 bag
  229. Barry's wife is a GIANT
  230. Who put Joe (Biden) in charge of the lights?
  231. U.S. House May Include Surtax on Wealthy in Health-Care Package
  232. Chuck Norris: A Carter Deja Vu?
  233. Bloody Weekend: 8 Dead, Dozens Wounded
  234. Palin stepping down as governor
  235. This spoke to me this morning
  236. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 6/30/2009
  237. I'll take another slice of hopenchange please...
  238. Six Men Shot Dead In 24 Hours In Chicago
  239. Firefighter Reverse Discrimination Case
  240. Just recieved questionable orders
  241. Its a good thing we get that $13 a paycheck tax break!!
  242. Motorcycle Bomb kills 15 in Iraq
  243. Another gov. goes down
  244. NKorea threatens
  245. Iran
  246. Climate Change: Mr. President, We Disagree
  247. interesting read
  248. Probation for CPO who beat bartender
  249. We're giving loans to Japanese companies?
  250. NKorea ship suspected of holding arms passes China