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  1. Hyphenated Americans
  2. Hillary To Be Sec of State
  3. Palin Pardons Turkey....or does she?
  4. Real life pirates
  5. revised bail out, niceeeee "we are all doomed"!
  6. Ron Paul for President
  7. JFK quote
  8. Increase in gun sales.
  9. ok. splain this national healthcare
  10. Toxic E-waste
  11. Wow. Gorelick considered for AG
  12. Top ten moments when it's OK to say OH SH*T!
  13. "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,"
  14. House Democrats Contemplate Abolishing 401(k) Tax Breaks
  15. Californians ban Gay marriage
  16. Raising taxes?
  17. The real question is...
  18. Commentary: My father, George Wallace, and Barack Obama
  19. Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff
  20. Obama national service Poll
  21. What was BHO's final dollar amount
  22. Congratulations Obama
  23. It is done...
  24. Be careful if your going downtown tonight
  25. Obama's wife racist?
  26. The real scary truth about this election.
  27. Today's the day...who'd you vote for?
  28. The Polls are open. Vote Today
  29. Did I get a sign from God?
  30. The Wizard..
  31. The Choice
  32. Obama's FALSE Heritage foundation endorsement ad
  33. Obama's FALSE NRA calls
  34. Obama and coal
  35. Kid Gets Shocked Stealing McCain Sign
  36. CLSBr's at Election Night Rally?
  37. I thought ex-convicts
  38. November 11th, lest we forget...Canada
  39. Gun Control Video
  40. The guy that SHOULD have been the GOP candidate
  41. Race Question
  42. Red Sex, Blue Sex, Why do so many evangelical teen-agers become pregnant?
  43. Marine motorcycle deaths top their Iraq combat fatalities
  44. How our tax system works
  45. I heard something amusing today
  46. Barak Loses Election!!
  47. Pretty black/white
  48. WTF is wrong with these headlines?
  49. mccain vs obama economic summary
  50. Letter from Richard Pearson to Outdorsman...
  51. To further complicate this election...
  52. why did gasoline become cheaper lately?
  53. How much would you sell your vote for?
  54. It's already started
  55. Interesting Obama Vid
  56. I found 60 minutes interesting tonight.
  57. Obama on firearms.
  58. Oh NOOOOOOOO! Say it isn't so?!??!!
  59. Early Voting
  60. Obama and the FBI
  61. The Chicago Tribune backs Obama
  62. Obama gets Powell backing
  63. 3rd Presidential Debate
  64. Joe The Plumber
  65. Palin as President
  66. lets hate on Chicago
  67. Electorial college history
  68. Undecided voters, really??
  69. Mossberg Gun Ban?
  70. Economy, it could be worse
  71. aig vacation
  72. Cook Co. sheriff to suspend foreclosure evictions
  73. LA Times shows just how stupid they are
  74. Holding a stock too long.
  75. Race and Politics
  76. 2nd Presidential Debate
  77. Your tax dollars at work
  78. How bad is your 401k performing :)
  79. When Should I Cash Out & Run?
  80. Economic growth party
  81. Voter Registration Deadline - Are u registered to vote?
  82. OJ simpson GUILTY
  83. Riddle me this
  84. The House has passed the economic bailout bill 263 to 171
  85. Vice Presidential Debate
  86. Let's hate on Biden
  87. Latest Bailout Plan Rejected By House
  88. bailout alternative
  89. Nov. 4th Vote NO to Illinois constitutional convention
  90. Societal Collapse ..
  91. Presidential Debates
  92. $700 billion bailout...good or bad?
  93. Let's hate on Palin!!
  94. Spectacular
  95. presidential debate drinking game rules
  96. I sure hope North Korea doesn't have oil
  97. Quote for the day.....
  98. Obama breaks a federal Law!
  99. American Flag Conduct / Code
  100. Just as Gore invented the internet...
  101. Interesting viewpoint
  102. NY-D: Charles Rangel on taxes
  103. who predicted this economic collapse
  104. Lets go campaigning. Funny video
  105. Melodramatic liberals (is there any other kind?)
  106. Death of OPEC
  107. keep lyin mccain
  108. Stand up Chuck!
  109. There are many copies...and they have a plan
  110. Matt Damon puts the smackdown on Palin
  111. Obama Gathering
  112. Why cant they all just get Along?
  113. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, irony
  114. Obama & McCains Tax Plans - Business Weeks take.
  115. why do ppl think obama is gunna bring troops home?
  116. This is AWESOME!!!! Intruders got shot
  117. McCain last night
  118. Palin: Iraq war 'a task that is from God'
  119. About Palin | + and -
  120. Rnc
  121. Article about Obama
  122. Let's hate on Obama!
  123. Let's hate on McCain!
  124. McCain Chooses Running Mate
  125. Irony
  126. Biden and guns
  127. Olympics Bring Pain for POW/MIA Families
  128. Obama, Biden?
  129. Edwards and Clinton?
  130. McCain doesn't know how many homes he owns
  131. The government actually doing something right?
  132. HSBC using the iphone
  133. wheres the liberals
  134. China seems to be having a lot of terror attacks lately...
  135. Interesting Headline
  136. New Candidate
  137. Join Us On the Dark Side
  138. anyone see what congress is up to tonight?
  139. Walmart urging employees how to vote
  140. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
  141. Pickens plan- Energy
  142. This is a good read ....
  143. Liberal Media?
  144. Mr. Straight Talk
  145. I like John Stewart
  146. Kucinich vs Bush this Friday - Who do you think's gonna win?
  147. I am a little confused.. What exactly is he saying here?
  148. Executive Privilege
  149. Nobama
  150. Obama Supporters. Does this piss you off or not?
  151. Obama Sucks!
  152. VA Senator pushes for 55mph national speed limit
  153. Obama's accomplishments
  154. So goes GM so goes the country, hope not!
  155. guy who shot criminal is innocent
  156. Police charge fuel surcharge!!
  157. And if They are Wrong?
  158. Anyone flying United in the next week?
  159. Rove on Obama... and McCain
  160. Now this is a interesting presidential ticket
  161. CFL bulbs rant
  162. Dems take play out of H. Chavez's book
  163. Is Bush really that bad?
  164. NOLA floods v. Iowa Floods
  165. Addisons ban on window A/C units?
  166. I only sleep with Democrats...
  167. Another oil related topic
  168. Housing crisis...who is to blame GW/BC (Bladerunner)
  169. McCain is just too hard!
  170. Difference between democrats and republicans?
  171. Why oil prices will tank
  172. Worst Column Ever
  173. Americans are changing...
  174. Barack Obama...
  175. Bush gives up Golf
  176. Gas prices around the world
  177. McCain asked the C*nt question
  178. Another lesson in tolerance and diversity
  179. Happy Anniversary McCain!
  180. Lessons Learned
  181. Marches won't bring immigration reform
  182. If I were a terrori*t.
  183. Austrian man fathered grandchildren
  184. Jeremiah Wright interview by Bill Moyers
  185. was watching tv, they told me that this year
  186. Democrat Economics Explained
  187. An "average" American will never be president
  188. ILGOP: Ease Gas Tax
  189. Bilderberg - EndGame
  190. polygamists getting 0wned in Texas
  191. Students Make a Case for Carrying Guns to School
  192. The REAL reason Hillary is voting for Obama
  193. Anyone see Pat Condell's new video?
  194. Well said John
  195. Lets talk about stimulating the US economy
  196. Germans Fear Meltdown of Financial System
  197. Government Spending
  198. Hillary Dodges Sniper fire
  199. PBS: FrontLine - Bush's War
  200. Stroger cousin defends her pay raise as county chief financial officer
  201. How you know the MSM is pulling for Obama
  202. Kcaarider love a good political hit job, so here you go ....
  203. Background Check - Mrs. Obama
  204. Obama jumps off 18 point cliff, political suicide
  205. I think this is politically correct and legitimate
  206. Why isn't THIS is the papers????
  207. Tent Cities in LA
  208. Our guns rights are going to court this week.
  209. Cook Sales tax Increase - Do Something about it!!
  210. Why I'm Voting For Obama
  211. From Yahoo Front Page - Looks like we are going to war with Iran
  212. Say good-bye to the F-117A
  213. Eliot Spitzer and hookers
  214. Jon Stewart
  215. Intelligent Tax Avoidance
  216. Villages want to secede from cook county
  217. FBI Violates Privacy - AGAIN
  218. Bush Will Be Remembered....
  219. Tell me this is not true!
  220. Obama's tax plan
  221. Healthcare in the USA
  222. Obama is anti-muslim
  223. the whole palestine thread was deleted because blade had a misplaced rant?
  224. Montel Williams
  225. PTSD victims no longer need to prove trauma
  226. USSR 'secret' Vietnam soldiers speak out
  227. Obama Clinton CNN debate
  228. Live From Iraq
  229. Welfare & Politics
  230. Michele Obama speaks
  231. NAFTA Superhighway
  232. Hey GConsider No Conspiricy Here?
  233. OMG one of the most Awesome Articles i've read!!!
  234. Largest Recall of Ground Beef Is Ordered
  235. Castro resigns
  236. Olbermann - Bush - Fascist - FISA - Hate - Discuss
  237. Kids did this in my high school when they took the smoking areas away
  238. Terrorists can't make the Big 1
  239. Iíve never been more ashamed to be an American
  240. The type of "Change" we're in for
  241. Romney Pulled Out Today? (oh come on.. don't go there)
  242. Are we screwing with Iran?
  243. Conspiracy Theories
  244. Illinois Primary poll
  245. Why the politcal hatred?
  246. I'm voting for Obama today
  247. Signs of the Apocalypse: Coulter for Hillary??
  248. World History 101 ... Conservatives v. Liberals
  249. Muppets for President
  250. Tolerance and Diversity my ass.