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  1. Ebola - WTF - Im scared
  2. black man in chicago uses his gun to protect himself from intruders
  3. Obama changes the rules in congress
  4. dumbing down kids
  5. when you use too much marijuana
  6. Illinois just legalized Gay marriage
  7. Zimmerman arrested again
  8. Russia gives medals to Brits
  9. Obama on tv talking about healthcare
  10. UZ Kidding me
  11. when you drink too much Koolaid
  12. President Ventura
  13. No Syria thread?
  14. fastfood employees want double pay
  15. Government for Sale
  16. Dirty wars - Documentary
  17. Fertilizer plant exploded near Waco Texas
  18. Does gone in 3 and other liberals look like this guy
  19. Explosions at boston marathon
  20. NOT Again
  21. Jesse Jackson Jr's possible replacement...
  22. North Korea
  23. Bill to allow Arming school employees advanced by Fla Lawmakers
  24. Alabama lawmaker's email: 'Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping
  25. Hollywood Welfare Paid by Taxpayers
  26. Really North Korea?
  27. Grandparents/Parents stealing from their kids....
  28. Florida: 'stand your ground' should not be overturned says state task force
  29. Army Paratroopers rescued by firefighters
  30. Reality of Chicago
  31. raise minimum wage again
  32. Out of state democrat tries to alter Illinois election in their favor
  33. Chinese Government and Military hacking US computers
  34. Voter Fraud in Ohio
  35. Jesse Jackson JR
  36. how to prevent crime
  37. Obama and his drones
  38. Hillary getting confronted in congress
  39. In China, government use people for air filters
  40. Never interput a grazing Beast!
  41. Chinese revolt over 2-minute toilet breaks
  42. Rahm ...again...
  43. o hay, its obama!
  44. S.o.s.
  45. Obama - Youth = Hitler youth?
  46. Ald. Sandi Jackson has resigned from the Chicago City Council.
  47. liberals and your money
  48. Judge calls out liberal newspaper on gun owners
  49. Al Gore is a sell out.
  50. Breast feeding in the news. Plump boobies or dried raisins WTF?
  51. The history of gun control
  52. Hillary i guess has a brain clot
  53. Peirs Morgan threatens to deport self.
  54. women loses job and its legal
  55. We need to make PUSHING ILLEGAL
  56. Putin moving another step to be like Stalin
  57. chicago to raise parking meters
  58. two vets fight over obama sticker
  59. wheres hillary? your liberal queen
  60. typical liberals
  61. why i love Ron paul
  62. right to work passes in michigan
  63. General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years
  64. all in the family episode, right to defend yourself
  65. nurse commits suicide
  66. Are you fucking seriosu???
  67. For all the guys with hottie daughters!
  68. The fiscal cliff
  69. protests in Egypt
  70. Liberals are nuts!
  71. Who should have the right to ask about gun ownership?
  72. Russian Columnist....calls Obama Communist..I guess they would know
  73. ron paul retired
  74. athiests taking other peoples rights away
  75. four muslims arrested in Cali
  76. Illinois will give illegals a drivers license
  77. 149th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address
  78. Walmart black friday strike!
  79. Libya US ambassador hearing in congress
  80. Gaza - How far will it go this time?
  81. Mass Immigration, the new weapon to kill the US
  82. Im so sick of the news!
  83. Is TX going to Secede?
  84. Glenn Beck's new retarded show
  85. Liberals reward criminals
  86. The real outcome of yesterday's vote
  87. What will the national debt be in 4 years?
  88. Presidential Vote, Who you going for as of now?
  89. Who are you voting for? IL
  90. Rest of the World votes for Obama
  91. Early Voting
  92. If you get raped and become pregnant, thank Jesus
  93. liberals hate free speech on youtube
  94. Some more loving and tolerant libs!
  95. muslim terrorists tries to kill a little girl
  96. Obama green agenda
  97. proposed new tax for chicago
  98. Biden Vs Ryan
  99. Florida sample ballot
  100. IL republicans?
  101. Any why do we give them food aid?
  102. This is nuts
  103. 2016: Obama's America --- FULL MOVIE
  104. Microsoft and HP hate democrats
  105. obama care will bankrupt Americans
  106. Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney's Mormon Family
  107. US taxpayers paid more to Israeli defense budget than Israelis
  108. Bill O' Reilly, Jon Stewart to face off in Washington debate
  109. The dems just got even better!
  110. Muslims living in fear in US/Muslims attack US Embassy
  111. 9/11 Memorial Ceremony - Live Streaming Now
  112. Why I love this country
  113. What change?
  114. Liberals hate Clint Eastwood
  115. For any Dads out there with Daughters!
  116. We Need to learn from the Israelis!
  117. R.I.P. Neil Armstrong
  118. chicago teachers on strike again
  119. 2016?
  120. Why are we dealing with this?
  121. 13 year old makes a rap video NWS
  122. you mad, Liberal?
  123. Samsung supplier & underage workers
  124. Why America hates Gay people
  125. If you had any doubt about who to vote for in November...
  126. Are you poor if you own a couple of TVs?
  127. Hong Kong parents fight China 'brainwashing'
  128. Obama's mother descended from first US slave
  129. Twitt Romney Strikes Again
  130. Shooting @ CO Movie Theater, Dark Knight
  131. sylvester stallones son has died
  132. The Matrix Has you.
  133. IL is corrupt because....
  134. Rand (Not Ron) Paul!
  135. I'm changing my vote!
  136. President's Executive Orders
  137. Transparency? Nah...
  138. Rodney King found dead.
  139. Obama hates Polish people
  140. ya gotta love texas!
  141. Liberals are angry!
  142. Joliet PD: $100 a Month Health Care Premium Until 2021
  143. pissed off much?
  144. Either the Zombie Apocolypse started... or it was just PCP
  145. Obama photo op before a budget meeting
  146. $5 Trillion: The Real 2011 Deficit
  147. 100 Million Americans Without Jobs
  148. Pastor's solution, stay classy NC
  149. What does Obama and Strip clubs have in common?
  150. Cerk's future ex-wife
  151. Protest Season has officially begun
  152. Talk me out of voting for Obama
  153. Obama first president to support gay marriage
  154. BO narrowly defeats Inmate in WV primary...
  155. PROOF Occupy Wallstreet are the 1%. Dumbest people alive
  156. 1984
  157. Al Queda telling people to set forest fires
  158. Obama in Afghanistan
  159. School Districts spend $48 million in taxi cab rides
  160. No they can't bro
  161. From dancing boyz to this!
  162. Oh no Mitt, brokered convention likely.
  163. melrose park firecracker
  164. Images of Call Girls in Secret Service Scandal
  165. Human Empanadas
  166. This had me laughing
  167. This is so wrong!
  168. And N. Korea launches it
  169. US department of spending, caught spending
  170. That just happened *nws*
  171. Wait for it...
  172. AMT provisions expiry end of 2011....
  173. Trayvon situation
  174. Supreme Court Healthcare Decision
  175. Can registered Democrats vote in Republican Primaries?
  176. Soilder that snapped, more info
  177. mayor emanuel hates italians and poles
  178. Santorum, promises on porn
  179. Gonna get me sum Obama Bucks
  180. My conspiracy theory for Friday, CRT
  181. Ex-NBA star returns to inner city, brings hoop dreams
  182. isn't there better things to worry about?
  183. Ffs...
  184. Obama signs anti-protest Bill
  185. Kony 2012
  186. ladies, what do YOU think?
  187. Could this be true?
  188. more Russian Propaganda
  189. Death Row Prisoners are the Stars of Chinese Hit TV Show
  190. Over 100 world banking resignations and counting in the last 6 months
  191. Bin Ladin not buried at sea; cremated in US
  192. Hazzah, Income is up!
  193. In Combine, cash is king, corruption is bipartisan
  194. Maybe Sherrif joe has something?
  195. U.S. announces diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea
  196. Harrisburg,il hit by tornado
  197. Ndaa
  198. 25 arrested in Annonymous group
  199. Pennsylvania judge throws out charges. Muslim reportedly attacks Atheist for...
  200. This is so effed up
  201. Republicans: proud of being stupid!
  202. The Correct Apology to Afghanistan...
  203. For Cerk
  204. 260k in sick days
  205. socialist unions serious buziness
  206. How about some head from your Girlfriend?
  207. why conservatives suck
  208. Manufacturers look to U.S.
  209. g8 summit in chicago
  210. The State of the Election process.
  211. Komen ends Planned Parenthood grant
  212. Finally, some practical, common sense ideas
  213. US military raid in Somalia frees American, Dane
  214. State of The Union ........
  215. My President...
  216. Warren Buffet for President?
  217. geomagnetic storm to hit 1/24
  218. Ron Paul was right...
  219. Sopa author is a pirate!
  220. Iran Mocks US With Toy Drone
  221. Is the middle class dead?
  222. how we got bin laden
  223. Possible Major Traffic Disruption around UIC on Wednesday
  224. Need photo ID to buy Drano in Illinois
  225. Ron Paul is an idiot
  226. Oklahoma has the right idea
  227. MSNBC treading the occupy line
  228. File-Sharing Recognized as Official Religion in Sweden
  229. Mexico's grand warlock predicts Obama will lose
  230. Stop Online Piracy Act
  231. Huge Chavez suggests US gave world leaders cancer
  232. Something to think about this Christmas
  233. Poor people inequality
  234. Christchurch New Zealand quakes AGAIN.
  235. Ron Paul is RACIST
  236. Dear Leader Dead..
  237. ron paul nutjob followers
  238. radioactive material going to iran
  239. *Disturbing* - New photos of Buchenwald - WWII Concentration Camp
  240. what happens when you go against the union herd.
  241. Damn those crazy Mozlems
  242. What a stroke!
  243. quiz - which candidate thinks like you?
  244. terrorist tv show
  245. Iran video of downed U.S. spy drone
  246. Paul campaign calls Trump debate ‘wildly inappropriate’
  247. National Defense Authorization Act/Udall Ammendment
  248. This would be interesting to see
  249. Thanksgiving C#nt
  250. Change