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Thinking of getting out of street riding altogether and selling my street bike... Great bike, works decently in twisties (be even better if you stiffen up the suspension but right now its set soft for the highway), and also great for a highway and sport touring bike. It's got the Corbin saddle so you can ride for hours and soft saddle bags to haul your junk. I just don't use it enough to justify paying for insurance and depreciation. V-4 engine is great for around the town and highway riding, and has a unique sound. Fuel Injected as well so no need to mess around w/ carbs.

1999 Honda VFR800Fi, asking $4000 for it. The KBB value is $5080, NADA average retail is $4800. Approx 13K miles, might be closer to 14K though, I'll have to check. For a VFR it's pretty low mileage considering that a lot of people go touring with em and rack up the mileage.

Clean title in hand. Bike of the year award winner w/ magazines when it was introduced. Great versatile do everything bike.

Condition: Good condition, mechanically it works just fine. Cosmetically, there are a few minor scratches on both sides from when some bastard knocked it down in the parking lot on the left, and when I dropped it at 0mph like an idiot on the right. Left side footpeg is also very slightly bent backwards about 3 or 4 degrees, but I rode hundreds of miles with it like that w/ no issues.

Extras & Upgrades:
*Soft saddle bags
*Corbin seat, don't have the stock one anymore
*Teknic Size M Rain suit
*Throttle locker (no idea what brand, but it works as cruise control basically)
*Wired to just plug in your battery charger
*Frame sliders (Good ones, require cutting fairing and replacing the radiator reservour w/ a smaller one which is included in the frame slider kit. Actually protects your bike, unlike a lot of other kits out there that are the no-cut type. Paid $125 for em, never got around to installing em)
*The tires currently on it are a bit shagged, I'll include a set of used but very fresh looking Dunlop 208GP's with them.

Test rides w/ cash in hand only!


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