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1st ride on the M1's

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Only had the chancce to take a breif ride on the newly mounted M1's. WOW Here are my 1st impressions on a very mild ride.

1. Wants to turn in quickly.
2. Seems very flickable for the big pig it is.
3. No slippage on the garbage wheelies I tried. (the Dunlops were slippin alot at the end)

Felt very different than the Dunlops. So much that it gave the impression of a new bike. Something I will need to get used to b4 the next track day.
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Whats the word on mileage with these tires? It is getting close to the time for new tires for the BMW, and while I have been thinking of BT020's, if the M-1's last longer than the 010's, I might do that.:eek:t
No way Andy. The M1's are in a different class than the BT010's. They are just simply a better higher performance tire at the cost of treadlife. And the BT010's are also dual compound. The BT010's give great mileage because after a lot of heat cycles, the center compound get really hard and stops wearing.

I got around 5k miles out of my rear including 2 track days and I still have the same front with around 6k on it and 4 track days.

I made the mistake of doing a lot of freeway riding wiht the tires set at low pressure. If you run them at 36psi on the street, you can get descent mileage out of them. But you'll ever match a BT010. It's almost a sport touring tire.

There are basically 5 levels of tires out there for sportbikes.

Race Slicks or Rain tires - track use only.
Full DOT Race tires - Pilot race, 208's, Rennsports, Super Corsa's
Street sport tires - M1's, 208 sports/207RR, BT012's
Sport tires - 207's, BT010's, Z4's
Sport touring - BT020's, D205's, Macadams
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