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After riding the new '02 Busa for a while I'm starting to feel it's streetable enough to use as a daily rider so I'm considering selling my '01 Busa.

2001 Black/Grey Hayabusa
approx. 12,000 miles
LP Euro Windscreen
Billet Inner/Outer Clutch baskets with heavier springs
Replacment starter gear & billet cover
Carbo-Tex undertray and carbon-fiber hugger
Micron full exhaust with polished can
Dynojet PCII

You guys that know me know this bike. It's been my daily rider for about 1.5 years. I keep the oil changed and have been running Mobil 1. Hydrolic fluid has been changed twice.

This bike was dyno'd 5/4/02 as follows:

Max HP: 157.45 @ 105.00 RPM (corrected)
Max Torque 90.57 @ 74.7 RPM (corrected)

Asking $8,500.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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