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2nd GROUP PURCHASE DYNO DAY at 4&6 racing (who wants in)?

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OK were doing this again,

the last time, and i am sure its still the same...(40.00 bucks...for a FULL dyno testing and charts)

Lets get another LARGE group and ill call him to set up a day more then likely it will be some Saturday I am sure.
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I want in...but a lot of my Sat. are shot. So, I can't be a definite until we have a date set.

Oh Man!! Would have loved to. Too bad this wasn't a week earlier. I just got my bike back from them Friday after having it jetted and dyno'd. Couldn't be happier with the job they did though. :thumbsup
for anyone wanting to do this...please list what day is better saturday or sunday?
Since our last day I've learned to get a real 929 A/F mixture reading you need to block off the PAIR valve... Fireblade owners FYI.

I also need a date before I can say... Sundays are usually better but Football is starting soon :D
Yes, Sundays are much better for me. I might be able to swing Sat. the 24th though.

Saturday would be better... as long as you guys don't mind helping me unload/load the bike!
I'm in, dont care what day
I'm in but would depend on what weekend is picked.
wow 40 dollars? cool want to see what my stock r6 is saturday would be cool but need to know the date. this website is cool never thought i could get my bike dynoed for that price. thanks
i got a call into jim already with an open date thats good for him...ill let ya know what we get...i THINK? sundays are out caused i heard there closed.
I can do it anyday, just let us know a good week or so in advance.

I am IN

i'm curious to see if a PCIII adds a few ponies(I doubt it), and I want to compare graphs to see my seat of the pants dyno is correct on how the powerband has smoothed out.
ok guys...i got next month aug, 17th saturday

can i have a show of fingers of whos gonna make that.

hope you guy can free up some time then to get what you want done.

ill post a meeting spot right there like we did the last time...figure 10:30 at that meeting spot at the shell off the hwy...ill get those directions later;)

so show me fingers of who can come:twofinger
fingers...:twofinger or:thumbsup thumbs?
Count me in... will be in the van.
If you keep it in the morning I am IN . I do have a wedding that day so i gotta get this done really quickly.
yeah no biggy...everyone meet up by 10:30 and kickstands up...we'll let ya go first;)
ok I'm out now as will be Lupi. Doing a grandma visit.
I won't be able to make the 17th either:( Me and the lady are going downtown that afternoon and we have tickets that we can't get out of.

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