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3 chicago area residents died in a car vs bikes crash near Beloit, WI

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Three die when car driving on wrong side hits two motorcycles

(Published Monday, July 01, 2002 9:59:17 AM CDT)

Gazette Staff

A Sunday motorcycle ride ended in tragedy for two Illinois families and a Darlington man facing three counts of vehicular homicide.

Two Illinois couples were riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles west on Highway 81 about 10 miles west of Beloit in Avon Township just after noon Sunday.

An eastbound car driven by Alfredo Diaz Urueta, 20, Darlington, crossed the center line about a half mile west of Moraity Road and hit the motorcycles, the Rock County Sheriff's Department reported.

Killed on impact was one of the motorcycle drivers, Glenn D. Katsion, 49, Hoffman Estates, Ill. His motorcycle was struck head on. Katsion died of massive head injuries.

His wife, Marlene, 50, died of massive internal injuries at 5:40 p.m. Sunday at Rockford Memorial Hospital, deputies reported.

Diaz Urueta's full-size car sideswiped the motorcycle driven by Louis E. Haehn, 51, Des Plaines, Ill. Haehn was treated at Beloit Memorial Hospital but was transferred to a hospital in Chicago's northwest suburbs.

His wife, Judy, 50, died at the Beloit hospital at 1:55 p.m. of massive internal injuries, deputies reported.

Deputies think all the motorcyclists were wearing helmets and that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. Speed might have contributed to the crash, deputies said.

After the accident, Diaz Urueta ran from the scene and flagged down a passing motorist who gave him a ride to Beloit. The motorist apparently had no prior connection to Diaz Urueta and did not know he was involved in an accident, said Cmdr. Tom Gehl of the Rock County Sheriff's Department.

Witnesses gave deputies Diaz Urueta's description, and he was arrested without incident in Beloit by Beloit officers about 12:30 p.m.

Deputies were unsure this morning why Diaz Urueta was driving in the wrong lane.

He is being held in the Rock County Jail on preliminary charges of three counts of homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle, three counts of hit and run from a fatal accident, one count of hit and run from an injury accident and four counts of failure to render aid at an accident.

Diaz Urueta's initial court appearance is expected to be at 3 p.m. Tuesday.
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Man, that's terrible. I don't believe the dude just ran away and got a ride to the next town--I mean, wtf. :mad :mad
I know they said alcohol wasn't involved, but why run and leave your car unless you need to wear off a buzz?

Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of reading these fatal crash tales on this board? THere are lots more accidents that arent in the paper, we know they are out there, but we dont really want to have a weekly rundown on other motorcyclists killed, too depressing. Can we keep this stuff off the board?:rolleyes

Sticking my head back in the sand...
I kind of agree with Rabbit here. Just too depressing hearing about our little groups mishapps let alone others esp fatalities.
KBOlsen said:

1. You have no driver's license
2. You have no insurance.
3. (1) and (2) and it's your friend's car
4. (1) and (2) because you're not even supposed to be here.

Actually it was #4 Kim. He is an illegal immigrant, no license, was reported to be driving recklessly right before the crash. He was way across teh yellow line and wasnt passing a car either.
Champ91 said:
I kind of agree with Rabbit here. Just too depressing hearing about our little groups mishapps let alone others esp fatalities.
well here's the third to agree. There are gonna be accidents of couse. The summer is here, everyone is out riding. Why not post something uplifting. I all ready know my bike is dangerous, my boss tells me everyday :rolleyes.

I feel horrible for the people though. :(
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