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3 more riders die

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As they liked to do most weekends, two couples from the northwest suburbs hopped on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles Sunday morning and set out along back roads for lunch in New Glarus, Wis.

But three of the four were killed on the way when a car traveling on the wrong side of a two-lane road struck their two motorcycles shortly after noon Sunday in the southern Wisconsin town of Avon, in Rock County.

Glenn "Don" Katsion, 49, of Hoffman Estates, was driving a motorcycle that was hit by the car head-on; he died instantly of massive head injuries, police said. His wife, Marlene, 50, received massive internal injuries and died later Sunday in Rockford Memorial Hospital in Rockford, authorities said.

Judy Haehn, 50, a school teacher from Des Plaines, was a passenger on the second motorcycle, which was sideswiped by the car. She died of massive internal trauma at Beloit Memorial Hospital in Beloit, Wis., authorities said.

Her husband, Lou, had a shattered ankle and broken arm and was in fair condition Monday in Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge.

Police in Rock County, Wis., said the driver of the car did not have a driver's license and is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. They have asked prosecutors to charge Alfredo Diaz Urueta, 20, with three counts of homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle, three counts of hit-and-run involving a fatality, one count of hit-and-run involving an injury and four counts of failure to render aid at the scene of an accident--all felonies. Police said the most recent address for Diaz was in Darlington, Wis.

Diaz allegedly ran away from the accident and hitched a ride to Beloit. Police arrested him there about 30 minutes later. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, according to reports.

Lt. Bill Harper of the Rock County Sheriff's Department said it was not known why Diaz was driving a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass on the wrong side of Wisconsin Highway 81. Diaz was not passing a vehicle when the collision occurred, Harper said.

A witness told police Diaz was driving recklessly and speeding shortly before the collision.

Police said they do not believe alcohol was a factor. The Katsions and the Haehns were wearing helmets. Friends and family said the couples had enjoyed riding motorcycles across the country for years.

Don Katsion worked in the parts department at the Harley-Davidson shop in Palatine.
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Yes, i saw this in the other forum, totaly sucks my prayers go out to the families and lone survivor. R.I.P:(
:( RIP.
yes, this shit really gets me down. A member from our RC51 forum died last week too. :( It sucks and reminds you how fragile life really is...
:( RIP :(
:( RIP:(
I swear I read this before--that's really saddening. Quit with the bad news though, everyone. :( :(
:( R.I.P.:( and their families are in my prayers.

Man that really sucks :(

Hopefully they HANG the mexican dude, and don't just deport him back to Mexico (in which case, he'll just find his way back up here eventually...)
Today (fri 7/5) i almost witnessed a bike wreck.
It happened about 12:00 -12:30, i was heading up 47N just past the chevy dealer and up about 12 car in front of me , therer was this commotion. iseen a car in the north bound shoulder facing the oppisite way. I could tell there was something serious. The driver of a low-boy 18 wheeler, stoppped his truck (heading southbound) jumped out to look and maybe make phone call/block trafiic).

when i turned in a side street to deture. I notice a motocycle which was right in next to me when i first got on 47 from I90 laying in the street. I could see the car that was in the shoulder
had a big dent behind the door.
Apparently the bike T-boned the car.
I see no reason why that had to happen. It was heavy traffic , no where to make a left turn for him, and there was no reason for that car to come into oncoming traffic like that.

I could not see if the guy was moving or what shape he was in, but i'm guess ing it is not good. Police and fire did arrive very quickly. i'm kind of curious as to his condition and if anyone else saw this.
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