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Well we had 3 chases resulting in 2 arrests and one get away.

Wed, a stolen Chevy S-Blazer was chased for 40 minutes up one way streets the wrong way, through parking lots, through residential areas, park areas and such in the early afternnon. The officer decided to discontinue pursuit only AFTER the blazer ran a stop sign.:rolleyes They caught the guy 15 mins later in a back yard.

Fri night. One of our local Star Boy wannabes took off from a JPD near the city limits doing a wheelie. Well Rock Co Sheriff Dept took over teh pursuit in the country. Dimwit ran down a road that is 35mph twisties and didnt even come close to losing the deputies until the road straightened out. From what I was told, 2 squad cars totally blocked teh road near HWY 14 and he then tried to u turn. Well since he SUCKS at riding in general, he had to push his way around the u-turn with his feet. While doing that, another deputy stopped and got out and tackeld him right off the bike.:rofl He still is in the clink as we speak.:D Hes facing at least Felony fleeing, reckless driving, driving after rev, reckless endangerment, no motorcycle endorsement and a few others I'm guessing. Damn I hope they throw the book at him. Now sportbikes are being WATCHED heavily here thatnks to him and his buddies. :mad

Sat night a car was being chased at 90+mph in town before they called it off. He got away.

Hell Janesville is becoming the LA of the midwest with the chases lately.:rofl
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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