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Schuey again...

Looks like the race will be tape delayed Sunday on ABC, not Nascarvision, @ noon. I guess my Sunday ride is officially postponed until 3pm

Ferrari end Friday on top as Barrichello closes on Schumacher and DC slides off
MICHAEL SCHUMACHER ended Friday Free practice on top of the timesheets, with team-mate Rubens Barrichello alongside.
Despite an early wobble that could have sent him speering towards the barriers at the Variante Ascari chicane, the World Champion looked in assured form.
Barrichello recovered from a stuttering start to get within a few tenths of his team leader. The brake problem that had sidelined him for nearly all of the first session was put behind him, after a few exploratory laps run at less than full pace.
'Save of the Day' was made by Pedro de la Rosa who managed to hold a sliding Jaguar R3 on opposite lock at speeds in excess of 130mph through the gravel on the ouside of Parabolica. Pedro narrowly missed the barriers and a camera position as he eventually rejoined the straight.
"That was close," he radioed back.
Big loser of the session was David Coulthard who locked his brakes going into the second Lesmo bend and the Mclaren swapped ends. Though the gravel scrubbed off most of the speed, the McLaren hit the barriers and he was out, leaving Raikkonen to do the rest of Friday's development work alone.

1. M.SCHUMACHER Ferrari B 1'22"433
2. BARRICHELLO Ferrari B 1'22"658
3. RAIKKONEN McLaren Mercedes M 1'23"016
4. IRVINE Jaguar Cosworth M 1'23"460
5. MONTOYA Williams BMW M 1'23"584
6. SALO Toyota M 1'23"925
7. R.SCHUMACHER Williams BMW M 1'24"115
8. DE LA ROSA Jaguar Cosworth M 1'24"183
9. TRULLI Renault M 1'24"358
10. BUTTON Renault M 1'24"396
11. FISICHELLA Jordan Honda B 1'24"629
12. VILLENEUVE BAR Honda B 1'24"833
13. MASSA Sauber Petronas B 1'24"929
14. SATO Jordan Honda B 1'24"990
15. PANIS BAR Honda B 1'25"027
16. COULTHARD McLaren Mercedes M 1'25"044
17. HEIDFELD Sauber Petronas B 1'25"541
18. MCNISH Toyota M 1'25"546
19. WEBBER Minardi Asiatech M 1'26"162
20. YOONG Minardi Asiatech M 1'26"365

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Schuey kicks ass!!!!! :thumbsup
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