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if you have a 32 bit system you just run the 'risk' of windows not recognizing the last dimm.

no loss at that price without rebates!

I ran across this and although Best Buy's (and Corsair's) description holds these to be for 64 bit operating systems I am posting for anyone who has a 64 bit OS. Anyway, just because a 32 bit OS doesn't support 4 Gb. of RAM doesn't mean you couldn't use 3 Gb. and sell the fourth. Tested with 800 MHz mainboards and 1.8v looked all good. The price got my attention.


From Kingston's website:

Here are the answers to some common questions about memory for Microsoft’s new Windows Vista® operating system.

Q. What are the memory limitations for the 32-bit vs 64-bit version?

32-Bit 64-Bit
Microsoft Vista Version Min Memory Max Memory Min Memory Max Memory
Home Basic 512MB/1GB* 4GB** 512MB/1GB* 8GB
Home Premium 512MB/1GB* 4GB** 512MB/1GB* 16GB
Business 512MB/1GB* 4GB** 512MB/1GB* 128GB
Ultimate 512MB/1GB* 4GB** 512MB/1GB* 128GB

* 512MB required for Vista Capable. 1GB required for Vista Premium Ready systems.
** Approximately 3.3GB addressable memory. Vista reserves upper memory space for hardware usage.

The Halo hides my Horns
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That memory is a bit slow, but damn that's a deal!

Too bad they are sold out.

And just FYI, I believe a 32bit OS can address something like 3.2-3.5GB of memory. The original article that this was linked to, the 'tard said to just sell the 4th stick is retarded, as the motherboard needs to see matched pairs to run full speed, even if the OS can't address that much memory.

Good deal for those of you with DDR2 capable systems.

Joe Momma...
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how do i find out if i have a 32 bit? computer illiterate here.
If you don't know you probably have 32 bit. The key here is to know if this memory will work in your computer or not (the 32 bit systems will still use three gig if that's the case).
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