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7/3 After strats.....fireworks downtown?

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where: strats
when: 7/3 8-8:30 kickstands up
we goin': downtown
who leadin': ? (someone who knows a good spot to pull in/out and yet get a good view of the fireworks)

I was plannin on gettin to strats at 7 or so, wanted to get a pre-head count of who might be up for goin down for da works.

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Count me out on this one! Last time I was down on the 3rd they estimated a record 2 million people at Grant Park. It was nuts, and hot as hell!

The fireworks are neat though!
Not me, I did that a few years back and ended up lane spliting from I-55 and California to LSD and columbus through dead stopped traffic. Not doin that one again. I am gonna go check out the fireworks in naperthrill on thursday night though.
Tony, you just gave me an idea.....

Is anyone up for checking out various shows in the 'burbs? Know of any good ones? Submit your ideas, and we can plan a route...
Naperville Ribfest

Wed. 8 pm Foreigner
Friday 8 pm Poi Dog Pondering
Saturday 8 pm Dave Mason

Taste of Chicago
Thurs. (not sure of times, probably early evening for MO)
Midnight Oil
Indigo Girls
I want to see some fireworks, if you are going downtown, I'm game. I know 2 places to scope them out.

Also, if someone is looking for some alternate venue to avoid the Taste crouds/traffic, Park Ridge's show is on the 3rd also, that is were I usually go, got a spot there too, closer to Strats as well.

Will this planned excursion include sitting in traffic jams or will there be some lane splitting to put the bikes to good use in situations like that?
I just found out that Joliet's show is also on the third. Theres something else to think about.
GsxrTony said:
I just found out that Joliet's show is also on the third. Theres something else to think about.
I'm game for the Joliet one.

Tony are we going back to your house after to party.:cheers :D :D :laughing :laughing :laughing
anyone know if there will be fireworks over the weekend since i'm stuck working 2nd shift now and i'm off weekends?
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