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89 Cbr 600 - $1500

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It is red and white (painted not factory)

Just under 30,000 miles

Brand new rear tire (not even on the bike yet) and the front is still in great shape.

Had a tune-up, coolant flush, and brake fluid flush about 6000 miles ago.

NEEDS: chain and front fork seals. The seat has a tear in it.

This bike is in excellent mechanical and looking shape. Be a great buy for anyone.

(815) 258-9352
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Assuming my XX sells on ebay tonight, i'd like to take a look at the bike sometime. I'd like to get a bike to replace the bird and this sounds pretty good. I pm'd ya about it....
Hey Martin!

Clean out your PM Box!

Tell me it's not so! You are selling the XX? What gives? :(

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