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I’m selling one of my cars to help a family friend who will soon be going through times, and will very soon be strapped for cash. I don’t need to sell it, just though I would free up some cash.

It has the usual rust over the rear wheel wells, and rust on the bottom between the door and rear wheels, same place the 300zx likes to rust.
-The car came with just a soft top, but it had holes in it. I bought a hard top for it and I removed the soft top. The frame is still in the car so all you have to do is buy a soft top($300ish) and put it on.
-Car drips about 1 tablespoon of oil each night after driving for a day because of the O-Ring on the cam angle sensor. It's a fairly easy fix and a very cheap part. I just haven't had the motivation or time between my jobs to fix it. Doesn't really bother me, I won't lose enough oil between oil changes for it to be too big of a consern.
-The original paint was sun faded, so a previous owner basically had a $200 Maco paint job and paint was flaking everywhere, so I decided to sand the whole car down and spray it flat black, drive it thought the winter, and have it painted in the spring.
-Interior is sunfaded, but pretty clean for a '92. Seats have some water stains from the leaky top, but it doesn't smell moldy or anything.
-There is a small hole near the cat in the exhaust, it makes the exhaust a little louder than usual, but it doesn't make peoples heads turn haha. I was just going to have a muffler shop make me a test pipe for about $50, problem solved.
-Crack at the top of the windshield (Found a company that does on site installation for $150)

Now for the good:
-Voltz(A Magnaflow made) cat-back, not Uncle Ben sounding, more on the deep side
-Open air filter
-Has had synthetic oil since I have had it since this past march
-Coolant flush
-Hard top with all latches, alot of Miata people just run the front latches.
-Stock wheels that have flaking black paint, but they have a set of snow tres with about 75% tread left
-Rota RB 13x8 0 offset with balding Summitomo HTR 200 tires
-Sportmax 002 15x8 0 offset, just ordered a set of Falken ZIEX 912 for it from discount tire direct.
-Tinted windows, 15% on the front, hard top tinted limo
-JVC CD player and XM sat. radio.
-Alpine Type S speakers in the doors
-Pioneer speakers in the headrests
-185,xxx, it drives great and is a blast to drive. I drive it to work almost everyday, 40 miles round trip on 294. Has plenty of pickup and has no problem cruising at 80mph. I continue to drive it every day so mileage due to change.

$2300obo without the Rotas or sportmax(pics show just the wheel, tires WILL be mounted and balanced on the sportmax)
$2500obo with the Rotas
$3100obo with both sets of wheels

Will not part anything else off the car, hard top has to go with. I do not have a place to keep it, and there is no soft top installed.(The frame is still there. Pick up a soft top for $275 from Kees or eBay and you’re good to go)

Here's what it looked like before paint

And before the wheels

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