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98 honda Superhawk

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looking to sell my 98 superhawk. email me if interested... some pics are at

superhawk pics

bike has a graphics kit, wolf racing underseat exhaust, and been jetted by my dealer. low miles (~4000) and good condition. i just put it back to it's old half-faired form from my streetfighter conversion.
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All that work and no price?

Help me out here!:hmmm
HooliganZX10 said:
All that work and no price?

Help me out here!:hmmm
ack... i always forget to post something..

anyways, i'm looking for close to blue book (~6400) OBO

there are a few spots I want to put some touchup paint on the tank, but it's in good shape...

PM or email me if you're interested.
I put you on my list of possibilities I stll need to do some research Ill definately get back to ya if Im interested though

Thanks for the price
okay, this is still for sale. everyone says i'm crazy for asking blue book, so here's my firm price:

$5500 and its yours! cash/cashier's check...

it is a bit higher then other hawks, but just the exhaust itself is ~1200
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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