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A Brake Pad Manufacturer in Chicago- Aug. 2002 Cycle World

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This is interesting. Here's the short article from the CW Spotlight section in the August 2002 Cycle World.


Vesrah Pads

Brake pads are brake pads, right? Not so fast, Bubba. Three years in the works, Vesrah's RJL sintered-metal pads were developed with four goals in mind: withstand high heat to eliminate fading and backing-plate warping; require little or no bed-in; maximize compatibility with stainless-steel rotors; and increase durability while using the highest-possible coefficient of friction. In other words, they're great for roadracing, track days, and high-performance street riding. Per caliper pricing is $50.

Vesrah Co., Inc.
221 N. LaSalle#1108
Chicago, IL 60601
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So aside from a BS self serving ad was there a review?
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