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A good housewife

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need to post this on the fridge:
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A man can dream. My wife someday she would cook me a dinner.
Man if I were to put that on the Fridge, I know my ridin days would be over. Hell all my days would be:D
Michael said:
i think we need to bring back 1955 :D :twofinger :twofinger :D :cheers
Be careful that you ask for!:nono
Beaver: Gee Wally i wonder what we aare going to eat for dinner today?
june to ward: GEE Ward, You were a Little rough on the Beaver last night!!!!

What ? Nobody elses wife does any of those things?.....sheeesh!!!!
Hehe, I just emailed it to her at work and asked her to print it for me so I can put it on the fridge.. hehehe:evil
be a little gay and a little more interesting for him, his boring day may need a lift and it is your job to provide it
:rofl :rofl :rofl
does anybody else see where this is going:laughing :laughing
Ya know.......

If I didn't actually have to work, and just stayed home all the time, like MOST women did in 1955, then I would have the time to cook and clean.

But since I do work, it's.... Honey can you call Merry Maids and tell them to come a few days earlier this week, ohhhh and your HUNGRY MAN dinner takes between 5 - 7 minutes.
I could use a good wife.

if any of you ever tasted my wife's cooking you'd forget that part of the article. I'm ok with doing the cooking that way it's edible :D
the rest I agree to :D
KBOlsen said:
I could use a good wife.

Kim your scaring me!

LOL, Mark - (I was wondering when someone would notice that...) It would be nice to have someone to clean house, do laundry and more importantly - prepare dinner for us when we're at the track! (I slave over a hot motorcycle all afternoon, then come back to the pit area and my crew chief expects me to just peel off my suit and grill up dinner!):laughing

Someone should start up a "Trackside Butler and Spa Service" - ROFLMAO!!! Jeeves (in a tuxedo, of course) could peel us out of our leathers, put away our bikes then hand us frosty margaritas!!! Then it would be off to the massage tent and the portable hot tub, followed by the option of having a nice manicure/pedicure/facial!

Which gives me another idea....
Maybe you should start that business. KB. sound liks you may need some $$$ to get that bike back together. Maybe something faster too. :evil
jim's got a aprillia rs50 for sale...maybe champ if she was riding that, than you could catch her at BHF!!!:laughing :laughing :evil
Champy got around me the last time we were on the track together, but I've got a few new tricks up my sleeve for the next go-round...:evil :evil :evil
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